Introducing…New Features!

While I’m still fleshing out some of the details for my new features, I couldn’t resist a short update to give you all a little hint at what’s ahead.

Art love, music love, book love, etc.! I’ll share posts about artists I’m admiring, as well as peeks into my own creative process. I’ll share books I’m reading, quotes I’m loving, music I’m listening to, and what’s currently inspiring my own creative process (similar to what I did here).

I look forward to continued posts about my faith. This series will be an honest look at what I’m reading in scripture, what I feel God is telling me/teaching me, and what I’m doing to keep growing ever closer to Him.

A series all about adventuring and exploring! I’ll highlight places and spaces in my own city, as well as out-of-town adventures. :) Getting out and about can be so refreshing, so I’m looking forward to including this as a regular feature on A Place to Dwell. I’ll share tips for finding new places to explore in your own city, as well as how you can use these out-and-about adventures to inspire you and your life in lots of ways!

Look for posts about home décor, cooking + baking (on occasion) ;), celebrating the seasons, and creating traditions that help you make the most of every day. :)

Occasional outfit postings, seasonal wish lists + loves, style crushes, and more!

* * *

Can’t wait to keep developing these and share more with you all soon!

Happy Friday! :)

2 thoughts on “Introducing…New Features!

  1. {kayleigh nikolai} says:

    I am so excited about these features! What a fun way to organize your blog…I am starting to brainstorm stuff for next year already and hope to incorporate more “themes” like this. Super cool! :)

  2. K says:

    Thanks so much, Kayleigh! I really appreciate your kind words and excitement! I look forward to hearing about what you develop and brainstorm for your blog. Happy weekend! :)

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