Inspired Art: Quiet

For all the ideas I’ve had bouncing around my brain the last few days, tonight my mind is pretty quiet. At first, I tried to fight it, but I think I’ll embrace it instead… Spend some time in the Word… Recharge a little.

Things don’t have to be non-stop all of the time, do they? I think, as creatives, we often feel we need to create non-stop. But to create from a place that’s genuine and true, we need to allow ourselves the space and time to be refreshed.

See you right here again soon,


3 thoughts on “Inspired Art: Quiet

  1. K says:

    Hi, Amber! So glad this was an encouragement to you tonight! Thanks for reading! :)
    Hi, Pati Mo! Glad you connected with this post, as well. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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