40 Days of Prayer x2

As I mentioned on Twitter earlier today, I’ve decided to commit to another 40 days of praying boldly. When I finished the first 40 days of prayer, I thought it was a possibility that I’d commit to another 40, but I wasn’t sure when. In the last week, I feel the Lord has laid it on my heart to begin another round of prayer, so I’m stepping out in obedience to do so.

Tonight, I wrote a new list (using my previous one for guidance). Much of it is the same, but I was inspired to include a few new prayers, as well.

I’m excited to start praying again and to see how the Lord uses this time to grow my faith. I believe in being brave and bold in our prayers. I also believe that when we’re in close connection with Him, He is faithful to shape the desires of our hearts—desires that He wants to and will fulfill!

He is good, and He is faithful, and I know that He will use this time to strengthen my relationship with Him. It’s my prayer that through this 40 days of prayer, He will be glorified, and that my faith and my hope will become even bigger.

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