Note to Self: Take Courage

I’m currently working through the YouVersion Fearless plan, and the last few days, the plan has focused on Matthew 14: 23-33.

I love that when the disciples cried out, Jesus immediately responded. He tells them to take courage, because He’s right there with them.

I want to be courageous in all things — courageous in my art, my writing, my creating. Courageous in love. Courageous in my pursuit of the life He has planned for me.

And I want to encourage others to do the same.

Take courage, my friends, and pursue the life He has for you. You have what it takes — and He’s right there with you.

3 thoughts on “Note to Self: Take Courage

  1. K says:

    Hi, Allie! :) You’re welcome. It’s been on my heart a lot lately, so I’m happy it encouraged you, too. Thanks for reading! Your comments always brighten my day.

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