Blog Brainstorming // Blog Brunch Recap

{image via Blog Brunch}

On Saturday, I participated in my first-ever Blog Brunch. The topic was Finding Your Blog’s voice. I thought I’d share a few thoughts/quotes that inspired me, as well as a few things I shared during the brunch.

First, here are the questions we tackled during the brunch:

Q1: What dictates your tone and writing inspiration, and how do you tailor your voice and content throughout your site?
Q2: When managing guest contributors to your blog, what guidelines and criteria do you require?
Q3: What other technical angles or information do you consider when crafting a post? SEO? Humor? Article Structure? Sponsorship Opportunities?
Q4: How do you know what is working for you? Is there a way you track how your voice is affecting your brand or blog?
Q5: What tips do you have for developing your writing skills or mastering your blogs content and copy?

Great Quotes From Other Bloggers

Remember: if you worry less about promoting yourself and more about participating in the community, we’ll all grow together. ~ @passionfruitads

Nothing gets unique content rolling like being away from your computer + living in the real world. ~@TheCuisinerd

Write about what you care about. Be the blog you love to read. Get off the computer. Stay inspired. ~ @AshleyBrimeyer

Read, read, and read some more — from magazines to newspapers to blogs you love. ~@PatternPalette

Yes, inspiration is everywhere! In blogs, in magazines, in books, in movies! See how other artists communicate ideas. ~ ‏@anneiam

Editorial calendars take the crazy out of blogging consistently. ~@digitalfangirl

Defining your tone is also about bringing something unique/original to the conversation.  ~@PatternPalette

The right mix of comments + social following + pitches from contributors means you’re doing something right. ~@PatternPalette

* * *

A Few of My Own Blog-brunching Thoughts

When I write & create, I do so from my heart. One of my creative mantras: Create honestly + joyfully. ~@letterbirdart

By cultivating a creative community, we can encourage each other to produce inspiring content & we can promote great art, too. ~@letterbirdart

I’ve found that writing a blog mission statement really keeps me on track with developing new and inspiring content. ~@letterbirdart

(P.S. Read about what my mission statement is and how I created it.)

* * *

And finally, here are a few things I’ve recently started that I’m finding helpful for blog writing + brainstorming (some of which I was inspired to begin this weekend!) :

*Writing ideas on note cards. There’s something about shuffling through a deck of ideas that gets me inspired and excited about creating new content. (I got this idea while reading Austin Kleon’s book Steal Like an Artist. Have you read it yet?! It’s a must-read for creatives!)

*Setting up an editorial calendar. Using my index cards as idea-starters, I set up a Google calendar to keep track of what I want to post and when. Seeing everything arranged in a monthly format has been awesome, and I feel so much more organized.

What about you? Did you participate in the brunch? What have you been learning about blogging lately?

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