4 Simple Goals (Before 2013)

I have PLENTY of goals on my heart lately (just look at my 29 Things list for a pretty big sampling of them), but as 2012 winds to a close, I was inspired to create a more simplified list (that relates back to and supports some of my larger goals).

I saw the 4 Simple Goals idea on A Beautiful Mess and decided to participate by breaking down some of my bigger goals into smaller, more manageable steps. This way, I’m making progress toward some of those larger goals and finishing 2012 with a bang. ;)

(A new year always brings the opportunity to do more dreaming and goal-setting anyway, doesn’t it?) ;)

So, here are the goals I’m planning to accomplish by the end of this year:

1. Start taking all of my notes and outlines and write a draft of the first chapter of my book!
2. Submit my artwork for a special opportunity at work.
3. Be an active participant of all the She Reads Truth plans for the rest of 2012 (commenting, doing the link-ups, and actively participating in the community).
4. Meet up with a sweet friend in Columbus to explore, catch up, and be inspired.

I’d like to invite you to join me in setting 4 Simple Goals. If you decide to participate and blog about them, please share your link with me in the comments section. Or, tell me about them on my Facebook page or Twitter.

I’d love to be able to encourage each other to accomplish our goals! :)

{ Image via A Beautiful Mess }

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