Creating Your Blog’s Mission Statement

As I shared at Blog Brunch a few weeks ago, creating a mission statement for my blog has given me focus, excitement, and more inspiration when it comes to creating fresh, new content to share. If you haven’t yet created one, I definitely recommend it.

To inspire you to create your own, I thought I’d share a few of the things that helped me arrive at mine. So, grab your journal or a sketchbook, and let’s begin the mission-statement discovery process.

Interview Yourself

1. What inspires you most? Make a list of the things you love. Don’t worry if what you write down is all over the map. Just capture the things you’re most inspired by — you can make sense of everything later.

2. What topics do you already write about the most? When you look at your posts for the last month or two, do you notice any consistencies? Are there one or two topics you seem to write about more often than any others?

3. What kinds of posts bring you the most joy to write and create? Why do you think that is?

4. How would describe your blog as it stands currently to someone who asked you what it was about?

Reflection Time

Take a look at everything you just wrote down. Do you see overlapping themes or topics emerging in your lists/thoughts?

For me, when I started really digging into my list of inspirations and my favorite things to write about, I realized what I’m most inspired by is inspiration itself! (I know that must sound silly, but I discovered that I find joy in seeking out inspiration in my day-to-day life and encouraging others to do the same!)

When I uncovered this about myself, I started thinking about what it meant for my blog and how I could take my passion and heart for inspiration-seeking and translate that into a mission statement, as well as new content. During this process, I realized I wanted my mission statement to center on living an inspired life and encouraging others to do the same.

I then took the time to define what I thought an inspired life looked like.

Once you have a direction/focus uncovered (the heart of your blog, so to speak), go back to question number 4. How can you update that description to incorporate what you’ve just identified? This will become your new mission statement. :)

Get Ready to Create

From there, think about how that mission statement affects everything you will create and post. For A Place to Dwell, that meant creating sections that would house all of the content I wrote to support my idea of living an inspired life: Inspired Faith, Inspired Art, Inspired Style, Inspired City, and Inspired Home.

Now that I have my mission statement, when I plan new posts, I always ask myself how they support my mission statement. I’ve found that having a mission statement is a great way to build your blog, your brand, and your unique voice.

I hope this helps you a bit in your own mission-statement writing process. If you have any questions about the process and what worked for me, feel free to contact me. :) If you’ve already created a mission statement and have tips to share with others, I’d love to hear those, too. 

6 thoughts on “Creating Your Blog’s Mission Statement

  1. K says:

    Thanks, Kristen! Let me know if you write your mission statement this weekend. I’d love to hear how the process goes for you! :)

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