Faith to Create

I’ve been loving my She Reads Truth study on Colossians, and as I’ve reflected on the scripture this week, I’ve realized so much of it pertains to my current creative season. I love how God’s truth can speak to us no matter what’s going on in our lives! He always meets us where we are and makes it relevant to us. I think that’s pretty awesome.

One of the biggest questions that’s been on my heart lately is how am I inviting Him into my creative process? I’ve been asking myself these questions this week: How can I keep Him at the center of everything, so I don’t get swept up in ideas, dreams, and to-do lists? Am I listening for His voice in the midst of all of my brainstorming and planning? Am I working hard and cheerfully at everything I do, and am I doing everything for Him? 

I think prayer is one of the biggest ways I can make Him a BIGGER part of my creative process.

I want to spend more time praying through my ideas before jumping right in to execute them. I want to just talk with God about my dreams, my hopes, my inspirations, and what I might want to create next. I want His guidance, and I want the inspiration only He can provide.

I don’t want it to be all about me. If I’m honest, it so often can be, though. I get caught up in blog stats, and I play comparison games…

But He’s faithful to continue working on my heart, faithful to continue to take my efforts, however small and humble, and use them in beautifully unexpected ways. 

4 thoughts on “Faith to Create

  1. alliespence says:

    so inspiring. what a great thought and reminder. inviting Him in to the creative process. that sounds so extra fun :)

  2. clbills says:

    Thanks for this post I found your blog through #shereadstruth and think inviting God to be a bigger part of what we do is vital. Your post feels true to me in my situation as a teacher. I long for more of God in everyday life. The more we see him, the more we love him the more we want of him in our lives.

  3. clbills says:

    I think WordPress just ate my comment!
    Just wanted to say I found your blog through #shereadstruth and love this post. So true for me, as a teacher and probably every other Christian at work. The more we see of God, the more we love Him, the more of Him we want in our life. Thanks for sharing.

  4. K says:

    Thanks, Allie! Hope you’re doing well! :)
    @clbills, I’m glad you found me through She Reads Truth! I just love that community. I love your thought about the more we see of God, the more we love Him, the more of Him we want in our life. So true! And it makes me want to keep seeking, so that want and that love keeps growing in my life. :) Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

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