My #Togetherin10 “Sunday Best”

Hello, all,

I just discovered #Togetherin10, and I’m excited to join in the fashionable fun.

Here’s my “Sunday Best” outfit of the week:

My new “Akron is Lovely” tee, a favorite gray cardigan, my favorite pair of black skinnies, plus my black boots=perfect weekend wear. P.S. Do you see my kitty sneaking into the shot? She is quite the fan of fashion. ;)

Well, I’m off to eat some lunch (I just warmed up some leftover winter squash pasta I made earlier this weekend). Yum!

I have a pretty full afternoon, but I’m also going to make sure I’m intentional about getting some rest and prayer time in there, too. I want to spend some time praying about some upcoming creative projects (like I mentioned in this post about inviting God into my creative process), as well as some other things that are on my heart today.

Hope you have a beautiful + blessed Sunday afternoon (with some time to rest)!

P.S. Are doing #Togetherin10? Leave me a link, if you are! :)

4 thoughts on “My #Togetherin10 “Sunday Best”

  1. K says:

    Thanks, Bekka! They’re so funny when they do that, huh? I didn’t even notice it until I posted it to Instagram! Haha Thanks for visiting! :)

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