Tree Trimmings (+ An Inspired Desktop!)

The halls have been decked, and I’ve been enjoying the sparkly sight of my vintage-inspired tree.


Decorating my tree each year reminds me of doing so as a kid. Growing up, we had stories for so many of the ornaments we put on our tree. I always loved that. I’d sift through the boxes of ornaments containing stories I knew by heart, delighting in each one before placing it on our tree.


And every year, my mom would make sure my sister and I had a new ornament to add to our own personal collections — like this little gingerbread man. (And he just so happens to tell the same funny story each year. It’s a story about a curious little girl who takes a bite out of her gingerbread ornament (she must have thought he smelled just like a cookie!). ;) That curious girl was my little sister, and her gingerbread man still goes on our tree at home — missing leg and all!


That same tradition of collecting ornaments has carried over into adulthood, and I still have the ornament box my mom started for me as a kid. I look forward to starting a similar tradition with my own children some day, selecting ornaments together that tell the story of the season and represent the love, traditions, and heart of our little family.


This box of vintage ornaments tells the story of my current season. I picked it up a few years ago at a local vintage shop I love, and I like imagining the trees these ornaments adorned in a previous life.


Do you have a favorite ornament or any special tree-trimming traditions? I’d love to hear about them.

P.S. In the spirit of decking the halls, I thought I’d design a new Inspired Desktop to share with you all.


This design was inspired by ’50s holiday decor (love those gold & pink palettes!).

You can download the new desktop, here.


3 thoughts on “Tree Trimmings (+ An Inspired Desktop!)

  1. K says:

    Thank you! I love white trees! I wanted white, pink, or silver. Couldn’t find pink, but ended up feeling pretty happy with the white sparkly one I found. :)

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