Staying Creative // Jordan of Create Like Crazy

Staying Creative

Hi, friends! I’m excited to be back with the next feature in my Staying Creative series. Today’s guest is Jordan Brantley of Create Like Crazy. Her blog is another one on my must-read list. It’s full of inspiring features that encourage you to live a creative life (right up my alley, right?!). ;) I always find refreshment when I stop by her site. (Be sure to check out her Behind The Blog interviews, Lessons in Inspiration, and all of her great art + design posts!)

And now, I’m turning it over to Jordan, so she can share her current inspirations:


I’m realizing more and more how important it is to have resources of inspiration for those days when it just doesn’t come easily. This is especially true for creative business owners. Our paychecks depend on our creativity! 


The things inspiring my creative process recently have (surprisingly?) been away from the computer. Pinterest is great, of course, but sometimes, the real world can be much more exciting. 

Here are my current top 3:

Publications. Since a lot of my job as a designer is coming up with creative ways to present information, printed resources are a great way for me to get my hands on fresh inspiration. I love tearing out pages and making notes right there on the page! 

“Just browsing.” When I worked at J. Crew, I would often get the “just browsing” response from customers when I offered my assistance. Although this is not so great for the stores conversion rates, it can be an amazing source of inspiration. I often go into Anthropologie just to check out their displays. (And check out the sale rack, of course! ) They always amaze me with their creative ideas and use of everyday material to create something beautiful. I have gained a lot of color and pattern inspiration from browsing retail stores, as well! 


Friends! I’ve been incredibly blessed by so many creative people, especially the wonderfully talented women who contribute to CLC. Every time I am in contact with any of them, I come away encouraged, motivated, and FULL of fresh ideas! It is easy — for those of us who work from home especially — to become disconnected and let our relationships become distant. I encourage you to keep your relationships at the top of your priority list and make a point to connect with other creative people. The blogging community is a wonderful place to find other creatives to connect with and build lasting relationships. That is my favorite part of blogging by far!  


Thank you, Katie, for including me in your wonderfully creative + community-building feature! I can’t wait to meet others through your blog and learn new ways of finding inspiration! 

Thanks for sharing your inspirations, Jordan!

 * * *

Jordan Brantley is a designer living in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband Chris. When she’s not doing design work, blogging on Create Like Crazy, or creating new products for her Etsy store Ink + Paper, she’s dreaming up her next crazy endeavor! 

{All photos courtesy of Jordan.}

How are you staying creative these days? I’d love to hear about your current inspirations. (You can use this hashtag to share them on Twitter:  #BeInspiredStayCreative.)


8 thoughts on “Staying Creative // Jordan of Create Like Crazy

  1. K says:

    Thanks, Jillian! :) There are so many sources of inspiration in our lives, aren’t there? That’s a blessing for sure — especially on the days we feel less than inspired. With a little searching, we can uncover something fresh to inspire and encourage our hearts. Thanks for reading!

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