2012 One Little Word Recap



It’s the word that’s been on my heart all year — guiding me, helping me to grow, pointing me in the direction of new dreams + possibilities.

I’ve been collecting inspiration. I’ve been praying forward prayers. And I’ve been writing — journal entries and blog posts and poetry.

In one of those poems, I wrote that forward is bravery, courage, intention — and dreams that find their movement and momentum with each small but mighty risk we take. I wrote that it’s also purpose — pushing past the fear, the doubt, the questions — while clutching every quiet hope close.

This year, forward, for me, meant not being afraid to hope big and pursue the dreams He’s laid on my heart. It meant taking risks and trusting His hand in everything.

As I head into 2013, I don’t want to lose that momentum.

Right now, I’m brainstorming ideas for my 2013 One Little Word, and I know it will somehow build from everything I learned this year, everything that forward taught me and did in my life.

With only a few weeks left in 2012, I look forward to making more space for quiet, reflection, and prayer. I look forward to thinking about everything He’s done in this life and heart of mine, and I look forward to asking Him what He’d like to do next.

* * *

Did you choose a One Little Word for 2012? If so, what did you learn? In what ways did your word shape + change what you experienced this year?

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