Preparing Him Room

This year, I’ve been giving more thought to the Advent candles and the meaning behind each one. We’ve been lighting one candle each week at church, and as I reflect on each candle’s meaning, I’m finding just how much I need to absorb and apply the truth of each one to my heart and life this season.


Two weeks ago, we lit the Candle of Hope, and because I’m in the midst of a season of prayer for some pretty big hopes and dreams, I can’t help but feel incredibly thankful that this candle is such a beautiful symbol of God’s faithfulness to keep the promises He’s made to us. Hope is a funny, delicate thing. But I know that when my hope is rooted in Him, I can rest assured that He will never let me down. That every promise will be fulfilled. And that His perfect plan stands firm.

Last Sunday, we lit the Candle of Preparation, and ever since, I’ve felt a gentle nudge to prepare more room in my heart for Him this season. To take more time for quiet + reflection + prayer. Full calendars at this time of year can be a blessing, because they mean we get to spend time with precious friends and loved ones, but lately, I’ve been rushing from here to there, making lists and making plans, and in all that preparation, very few minutes have been dedicated to preparing for Him. I don’t want to rush my way through this season. I want to prepare, and I want to be present.

This Sunday, we will light The Candle of Joy, and I’m looking forward to the joyful anticipation the light of that candle will bring. I can only imagine the joy of the angels rejoicing over Christ’s birth. I’m looking forward to bringing that joy into my own heart, praying prayers of thanksgiving and praise, reflecting on who He is, all He’s done, and all He’s yet to do.

And then…The Candle of Love. The candle that represents a love I just can’t fathom. A love that never fades or changes or gives up.

A love that’s beyond description.

The love He has for each one of us.

* * *

Do you light Advent candles? If so, how do they impact your heart during the Christmas season?

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