Praying + Remembering

Hi, friends,

I’m stopping by to say I’m going to take a few days away from the blog.

With the heartbreaking news of the tragedy in Newtown, I feel a burden on my heart to step away for a few days. To mourn with those who mourn. To pray. To lift up that town, that community, and those families. To give thanks for those brave and courageous teachers and administrators…And to cherish the time I have with my friends and loved ones this season.

* * *

I will see you back here on Friday for another Advent post, and then, in the following weeks, I’ll have some goodies from the archives to share with you, as we head into Christmas and New Year’s.

I posted this to Facebook, but I’d like to share it here, as well: I’m thankful for the community I’ve found through blogging, and I hope you all know just how much I appreciate you.

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