Living With Art + Color

It’s no secret how much I love color and art. When I’m surrounded by bright, happy shades and beautiful artwork, I just feel happier — and more inspired.

So, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the ways I embrace color + art in my home — and my life.


I created this Be Still and Know collage last winter. It serves as a beautiful reminder each day.


I love a good art cluster on the wall. I like to combine my own artwork with precious photos and inspiring artwork by others. Each piece I add to my curated collection tells a story and means something to me — which makes the whole display all the more special.


This wall holds art by some of my favorite artists: Heather L. Murphy, Sarah Ahearn Bellemare, Dinara Mirtalipolva, and Michele Maule.

And I made the polka-dotted bird piece, of course! It was one of the first collages I ever made, actually! The Explore collage above was the first! :)

artcluster couchpillows

I’m a huge fan of comfy, cozy pillows — and of course I can’t resist playful patterns and pretty palettes.


I collect milk glass, and this lovely bowl has held pumpkins, fruit, and festive pinecones over the years. It belonged to my grandmother (and I believe my great-grandmother before that), so it’s one of my favorite items in my home. (I adore the sweet scalloped edges and the little teardrop shapes in the glass.)


I like to add fun details wherever possible — like these cute + quirky handmade clay birds that my elementary art school teacher made.


Don’t feel like you have to confine your art and color to just your walls. Consider making your cupboards happy with multi-hued dishes + cups.

Fiesta dishes were on my wish list for a very long time, so I was excited to get a set of them for Christmas this year. (The tall blue drinking glasses are vintage and were a birthday gift a few years ago.)


Tea or coffee brainstorms are much more inspired with a pretty mug (and a cookie). ;)


Don’t overlook your wardrobe or accessories when it comes to adding colorful, artful pieces. This purple hue is one of my favorites, so I couldn’t resist adding this silk scarf to my collection. (Plus, it has little birds on it, which made it even more perfect for me!)


Ah, I am quite the notebook addict, and is it any surprise that I keep a colorful array of pens and notebooks at-the-ready to record every idea, hope, prayer, and daydream?


This adorable set is from Target. I love the sweet quotes, and — of course — the polka dots.


And just for fun — a photo of Mia. Because she always enjoys participating in my blog photo shoots! ;)

* * *

What about you? How do you incorporate color and art into your home and life?

4 thoughts on “Living With Art + Color

  1. toliveinspired says:

    I have realized over the last year or so how much I need color in my life. I have revamped some things including my newsletter to make it more colorful and me! I too love notebooks (like way too much!) and am a sucker for colorful ones and ones with quotes, if it has both i am done for!

  2. K says:

    @toliveinspired I love this! So fun that you’ve revamped your newsletter and made it more true to who you are. That’s wonderful! :)
    (And I’m right there with you when it comes to notebooks with quotes AND pretty colors! I will never tire of inspiring new notebooks with fresh, blank pages.)

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