Tonight, I should be writing tomorrow’s post and scheduling the tweets to promote it, but the truth is all that’s on my heart tonight to write is grace — how much I need it, how much I crave it, how thankful I am for it.

Instead of working on detailed blog posts and tackling my to-do list, all I want to do is rest in His presence, soaking up His peace and the sweet, sweet grace He so graciously gives.

Because there are days when it feels like we’re thirsty for grace…days when things just feel messy and tiring and broken. And it’s on days like those that we almost forget how quickly we can find it — that gift of grace that’s always there — and the acceptance and peace and love and rest that’s right there with it.

And while this won’t be my most profound or beautifully written post, it may be one of the simplest and most honest.

So, yes, grace. Amazing, amazing grace — and so much thankfulness that His mercies are new every morning.

2 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Sarah Eshbaugh says:

    Sometimes the short, sweet, and simple posts are the most thought provoking and refreshing! Thank you for sharing your heart! I pray that you will spend this week soaking up that abundant grace HE so constantly provides us. :-)

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