Friday Inspirations


After a hectic week, I’m keeping it simple today and sharing a little list of what’s been inspiring me this week.

*Can’t stop listening to Rend Collective Experiment.
*Loving this post about being fearless from Christy of My Wings Are Made of Faith.
*Enjoying the beautiful inspirations tucked between the pages of Life Beautiful magazine and The Simple Things magazine.
*Looking forward to trying this recipe for Bittersweet Lavender Hot Chocolate posted by Natalie of Good Girl Style.
*Currently being super inspired by these two YouVersion plans: Fearless and Soul Detox.
*Doing some research on being part of a CSA. Really trying to make a commitment to eat fewer processed foods in 2013 (as part of my 29 Things). Whole Living magazine has a section on CSA cooking. And this book looks pretty good, too.

Hope you’ve all had an inspired week. (I’m looking forward to doing some reading/writing/art journaling this weekend…and maybe making a little trip the library, as well.

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “Friday Inspirations

  1. Beth @ dot in the city says:

    That hot chocolate sounds divine! We used to get a delivery of organic/local foods delivered weekly, but moved and the program isn’t offered in our new area. I miss the fun/challenge of getting a box of veggies each week and trying to figure out what to make with each.
    PS this is the perfect list to linkup with our monthly “The List” feature on my blog today!

  2. K says:

    Hi, Beth! Thanks for letting me know about your link-up. How fun! I’ve linked my blog. :) Erika: I’m kind of a planner, too, but I wonder if it might help me experiment with cooking more, rather than falling into the same ruts every week. (I’m also just considering trying to frequent farmers’ markets more.)

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