A Bloggy Q&A


I’ve been blessed with so many wonderful new readers lately, and I’d love to get to know you all a bit better.


I put together this little Q&A, and I’d love it if you participated.

Feel free to leave your answers right here in the comments, or create a blog post on your own site, and leave me the link in the comments.

Can’t wait to “chat” with you all!

A Bloggy Q&A

Let’s start with a little coffee-shop talk. If we were out at a coffee shop right now, what would you order? I’d be ordering a caramel latte made with rice milk, if they have it, and if they don’t, soy. And maybe a dark-chocolate-filled croissant, too, because those are pretty darn delicious.

Do you have a favorite magazine currently? I have a few! I’m loving The Simple Things, Whole Living, Uppercase, Anthology, and Life Beautiful.

Name three bands you’ve got on repeat right now. My playlist? All Sons & Daughters, The Lumineers, and Rend Collective Experiment. (And I’m going to cheat on my own Q&A and add Of Monsters & Men to this list, too. Haha!)

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Dark chocolate. Always dark chocolate.

Where do you most love to shop? I can get lost in any bookstore for hours. When I’m on vacation, my favorite tourist attractions are local bookstores and coffee shops. ;) When it comes to style, I’m currently loving The Limited and LOFT. And it’s out of my price range, but I’d wear everything Kate Spade, if I could.

Favorite pattern? Polka dots (surprise, surprise!). ;)

Favorite instrument(s)? I swoon for the sounds of the piano and the violin.

Hobbies? Blogging, art journaling and collage making, photography, antiquing, and occasionally a cooking adventure or two. ;)

If you were a quote, what would it be? I’d be my all-time favorite quote by Emily Dickinson: I dwell in possibility. (And you may not know this, but that quote is actually the inspiration behind the name of this blog!) A close second is Kate Spade’s tagline of “Live Colorfully.”

Do you have a favorite blog-reading routine? I love catching up on all my favorite blogs on slow Saturday mornings with a buttery bagel and a coffee or cranberry juice + green tea. P.S. Any must-read blogs you’d like to introduce me to?

What’s your biggest hope/dream for 2013? This won’t come as a surprise, but mine is, of course, completing my eBook.

And, finally, if you had to describe yourself in only three words, which three would you choose? I’m going to go with hopeful, creative, and dreamer.

Can’t wait to read your responses. So thankful for each and every one of you!

20 thoughts on “A Bloggy Q&A

  1. kaleighsomers says:

    1) I’d order an iced tea, and instantly regret it (too cold). Or an herbal tea.

    2) I recently let my magazine subscriptions lapse, intentionally, because I wasn’t reading them. But I do love stealing my mother’s Good Housekeeping when I visit her + Writers Digest, too. I also love BH&G’s pinboards and recipes.

    3) Anything country. As well as Hotspur.

    4) Dark chocolate. MMM.

    5) Used to be American Eagle, but recently I’m falling hard for H&M, Loft + Banana Republic.

    6) I do love me some polka dots. Or anything floral.

    7) I’ve always wanted to learn guitar.

    8) Besides blogging, I’ve done some DIY projects. I used to scrapbook regularly. And reading — gosh my life sounds interesting.

    9) From my favorite book, The Truth About Forever: “It’s just that, I think some things are meant to broken. Imperfect. Chaotic. There have to be a few holes in the road. It’s how life is.”

    10) I need to work on that. Mostly, I skim my WordPress blog reader. And I follow a few where it’s like, “You have a new post. Must. Read. Now.”

    11) I have too many dreams for 2013, but mostly, it’s comfort. Feeling like I’ve hit this place in my life where the room has stopped spinning beneath my feet and I know where I am when I wake up.

    12) Agh, I like YOUR words. OK, hopeful, hardworking and self-effacing (at times).

  2. Nadine says:

    Okay my turn!

    a little coffee-shop talk. If we were out at a coffee shop right now, what would you order? Probs either a medium roast coffee, a americano, or if I’m feeling like acting crazy, a soy american misto. I like coffee to taste like coffee. :)

    Do you have a favorite magazine currently? Hm. Not really. I’m so busy reading blogs that I tend not to read as much in print. I do however, monthly receive Self magazine, and love to leaf through Real Simple when I have a chance.

    Name three bands you’ve got on repeat right now. Rend Collective (SO GOOD RIGHT?), Citizens, and I’m loving anything from the show Nashville.

    Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Probably milk. Most of my life I chose dark, but suddenly it switched. So I’ll take either anytime, but tend to lean towards milk.

    Where do you most love to shop? Anywhere I can! I LOVE Anthro (I swear if I won all the money in the world, I’d have an anthro life), H&M, a local thrift store called Front & Company, Target, and pretty much anywhere. I love shopping for anything.

    Favorite pattern? Can I say hearts? Does that count as a pattern? I just love ’em. But also stripes – I’m currently wearing a stripped top and am wrapped in a stripped blanket, can see a stripped pillow nearby . . .

    Favorite instrument(s)? I just love music that I love (which is pretty vague) but I like most instruments. I love someone who plays a guitar incredibly well, and me too, that violin.

    Hobbies? Blogging (of course), twitter, connecting with people, drinking coffee and wine, church, watching tv.

    If you were a quote, what would it be? I have NO idea. Um, I’m skipping this question! :)

    Do you have a favorite blog-reading routine? I tend to pop over to the ones I check every day whenever I pop online, and then off my google reader. When I see links on twitter, I usually click them. I don’t really have a routine. I just tend to read in the evenings currently since I’m working during the day, and usually do much of my writing on Sunday afternoons.

    What’s your biggest hope/dream for 2013? My genuine hope/dream is to start dating my future husband, but my other one is to choose to forgive before anything else.

    And, finally, if you had to describe yourself in only three words, which three would you choose? Joyful, Encouraging, Cheerful, Authentic.

  3. Heather Burris (@heatherburris19) says:

    I love this!
    Drink– I’d order a chai latte with almond milk
    Magazine–The Simple Things, love that mag too! Was flipping through it in a bookstore the other day and fell in love
    Instrument–Ukulele. My husband bought me one as a graduation gift
    Hobbies– Reading, writing, scrapbooking, playing tennis with my hubs
    Words– Dreamer, Ditsy, Quirky

  4. Erika Spitler (@spitlerika) says:

    + I am one of those people who never has an idea of what to order! I usually ask the barista for some help. Two weeks ago, I had to clarify the different between a frap and a latte. Oops. Currently loving? Vanilla Chai Latte.

    + I wish! I’ve not looked through a magazine in SO long. Perhaps I’ll check out some of the ones you mentioned.

    + United Pursuit Band. A lot of it.

    + Milk chocolate all the way!

    + Forever 21, Barnes & Noble, Trader Joe’s, and World Market. (none of which I’ve shopped at in quite some time, sadly.)

    + Anything floral!

    + It’s a tie between piano and guitar.

    + Writing, ballet dancing, photography, instagraming, traveling!

    + Honestly have no idea! There are so many to choose from but I don’t have one that stands out at the moment. :)

    + Your routine sounds amazing, Katie. It sounds super intentional and relaxing. I’m pretty random in my reading and just check up whenever. :)

    + There are some big dreams I have – some of which I’m not quite ready to share yet. But I would definitely love to be dancing again and use it as a form of ministry.

    + Hmmm. I would say: dedicated, willing, and lively.

    This was fun! Great idea!

  5. Cara-Mia says:

    What a cute idea! Here are my answers:

    If we were out at a coffee shop right now, what would you order?
    I love iced Vietnamese coffees, but since it’s actually rainy today I’d get a vanilla latte (which I actually did order this morning).

    Do you have a favorite magazine currently?
    Matchbook Magazine!

    Name three bands you’ve got on repeat right now.
    The Gaslight Anthem, Ryan Adams, and Van Morrison.

    Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
    Milk chocolate!

    Where do you most love to shop?
    I’m on a shopping ban since I spend way too much and save too little, but I love J Crew and Kate Spade.

    Favorite pattern?

    Reading, journaling, blogging, watching movies, knitting, and photography.

    If you were a quote, what would it be?
    Oh wow, that’s hard. I have always loved T.S. Eliot’s line “I have measured out my life in coffee spoons.”

    Do you have a favorite blog-reading routine?
    Absolutely: I wake up before 6:30 everyday because it takes a lot of coffee to get me going. As I drink coffee, I read blogs.

    What’s your biggest hope/dream for 2013?
    Get into grad school.

    And, finally, if you had to describe yourself in only three words, which three would you choose?
    Loyal, opinionated, bookish.

  6. Natalie (@fashionatalie) says:

    How fun is this?! Also, just so you know, I LOVE WHOLE LIVING MAGAZINE TOO! It’s one of my absolute faves. And your coffee shop order sounds amazing.

    If we were out at a coffee shop right now, what would you order? Lately I’ve been ordering decaf vanilla lattes.

    Do you have a favorite magazine currently? Darling Magazine, Whole Living, Life Beautiful, Real Simple, In Style, People StyleWatch (um, I love mgazines)

    Name three bands you’ve got on repeat right now. All Sons & Daughters, Wakey! Wakey!, and Adam Cappa.

    Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Dark chocolate. I like milk chocolate too, but only if it is REALLY GOOD milk chocolate. Otherwise, definitely dark.

    Where do you most love to shop? Thrift stores and online :-) The mall is NOT my scene.

    Favorite pattern? Floral and/or gingham. Or chevron. Or polka dots. I love patterns.

    Favorite instrument(s)? Saxophone or Piano.

    Hobbies? Ballet & reading

    If you were a quote, what would it be? “Believe in the beauty of your dreams”

    Do you have a favorite blog-reading routine? Late at night with a hot chocolate and my Google Reader! Then I have time to comment and explore, clicking links to new blogs, etc.

    What’s your biggest hope/dream for 2013? Finding my footing and healing after heartbreak.

    And, finally, if you had to describe yourself in only three words, which three would you choose? Happy, Silly, and Stubborn (oops! lol)

  7. Rachel says:

    1. Non-fat hot chocolate! Maybe a peppermint hot chocolate. With whipped cream, because its a treat and we’re on a coffee shop date ;)

    2. I don’t typically read magazines. But, a classic favorite of mine is USA Gymnastics. Takes me back to my gymnastics days.

    3. None! My husband is the music guy in the house. If I listen to anything, its Veggietales or Pandora Kids radio for my lil guy.

    4. Dark. Hands down.

    5. Bath & Body Works! I can spend my entire paycheck there, and surprisingly enough, not on bath or body products. I love their wallflowers, portable scents for the car, hand sanitizers, and aromatherapy pillow spray.

    6. Stripes I suppose. But the good stripes, not the bad ones. You know what I mean. You see a top and its striped and you automatically think, “Wow… thats awful looking…”

    7. Piano. And acoustic guitar.

    8. Trying to be better about blogging, working out, Pinterest and spending time with my boys.

    9. “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely” – Roald Dahl

    10. I’m just now starting to get into reading blogs. So, no routine yet!

    11. Be able to stay at home by the end of the year!

    12. 3 words? Lets see… caring, generous, encouraging :)

  8. Kristin Boys says:

    I’m not new, of course, but it’s been a while since we’ve caught up, plus I love this sort of thing. :)

    1. Whole milk latte.

    2. I try to make time to read my Country Living subscription but often fail. I should check out Whole Living.

    3. Strictly NPR on the radio for me. In the car, it’s either Ingrid MIchaleson’s “Be OK,” Jack Johnson’s “pancake song” or the “Jesus CD” depending on Eleanor’s mood. I do also like Sandra McCracken, Mumford and Sons and The Civil Wars.

    4. Ditto. Dark. Always dark. Even better if there is sea salt and/or carmel involved.

    5. So many places! Love antique shops and thrift stores. Anthropologie and Madewell for window shopping. Target and Old Navy for actual purchases.

    6. Herringbone and chevron currently.

    7. Guitar, sometimes fiddle (to listen to, not play!)

    8. Shopping, ha, ha. If I have child-free time that is what I do. And sewing. Oh, and reading, of course. Every night before falling asleep.

    9. I forgot my blog reader log-in so I am mostly just visiting Young House Love (my favorite), I Still Love You and Design Mom. Basically, I like to read blogs of stylish, DIY people with children.

    10.  That my life won’t be over when baby #2 arrives and that I can continue to make time to pursue my own (i.e., not-kid-related) interests and relationships.

    11. dedicated, creative, balanced

  9. K says:

    @Kristen B Oh, I have to agree about adding the caramel and sea salt. YUM! And I recently found out about Madewell. I have yet to visit one, but that needs to happen soon for some inspiration.

  10. K says:

    @Natalie I am a magazine addict, too! Love it! :) Love your quote, too. The dreamer in me is all about that one. AND the blog reading routine? That sounds pretty heavenly, and it might be something I do to shake up my Saturday-morning breakfast-and-blogs routine a bit!

  11. K says:

    @Cara-Mia Oh, I’ve never had a Vietnamese coffee. Might have to try that! And I LOVE the word bookish! That totally applies to me, too. So fun! :)

  12. K says:

    @Erika Love Trader Joe’s! And what a fun dream for this year. Praying He opens doors for you to use dance as a form of ministry. Also, just love your word choice of “lively.” :)

  13. K says:

    @HeatherB Isn’t The Simple Things gorgeous!? I just wish it wasn’t so pricey. I’d subscribe for SURE, if it was more affordable. It will just have to be a once-in-a-while treat. :)

  14. K says:

    @Nadine Hearts definitely count as a pattern! Love that! :) And I know I mentioned it on Twitter, but your hope for 2013 is my other big hope. eBook and husband… Okay, God, let’s do this! ;)

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