Staying Creative // Bri From Mod Memento

Staying Creative

Hello, friends! Today, I’d like you to meet my friend, Bri. She’s another sweet friend I connected with through The Influence Network. I just love her creative heart for The Lord, and I have a feeling you will, too. Take it away, Bri! ;)

* * *

As many of you readers may be, I too, am a creative soul.  And I wholeheartedly believe that God designed me this way.  He designed me with a passion to create, as well as a great appreciation for His creation.  This is why I am so humbled and proud to use the gifts and passions he has curated inside me.  Because it means I am ever inching toward the purpose He has for me.

With that in mind, today, I am happy to share just a few of the things that inspire my creative process.
// Solitude //

Since becoming a Stay-at-Home Mom to two little ones, I’ve realized what a gift simple solitude can be.  It’s a rare and fleeting thing for me in my current season of life.  And because it’s so elusive, I find that when I do make the effort to seek it with intention, it energizes and inspires me so deeply.  I use that time for reflection, journaling, reading, praying and dreaming up new art prints for my Etsy shop.

// Observing an art form other than my own //

I consider graphic design and photography to be the two art forms that I am most passionate about and actually produce myself.  But sometimes, the very thing that inspires me most is taking part in a completely different art form than my own.  Music makes my heart sing.  And although I am not a musician myself, it’s a form of art that inspires me daily.  I also appreciate film, jewelry making, and the masterful art of the written word.

// A Change of Scenery // 

Again, due to the current season of young motherhood that I’m in, I find that a simple change of scenery always helps to rejuvenate my senses and spark my creativity.  Last year, my husband and I took a trip to Sonoma, California.  And for this east coast girl, it was such a wonderful experience!  The weather, the breathtakingly beautiful vineyards, the culture of wine country, and the time away from my usual routine was so life-giving.  I came back home with a notebook full of new creative ideas to pursue.

So, there you have it, my current favorite ways to stay artful and inspired.  Creativity is so unique and gracious, isn’t it?  Thanks for reading!

Bri Carlisle is a Blogger, Graphic Designer, and Etsy Shop Owner.  She lives just outside of Philadelphia with her husband of seven years and two fun kiddos who help sanctify her daily.  You can visit her at her blog, Mod Memento, where she attempts to photojournal her simple, yet beautiful life alongside thoughts about motherhood, faith, and artful living.  Also connect at Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Thanks for sharing your inspirations with us, Bri!

* * *

How are you staying creative these days? I’d love to hear about your current inspirations. (You can use this hashtag to share them on Twitter: #BeInspiredStayCreative.)

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