Inspiration Date

Do you ever schedule inspiration dates with friends?

They are one of my FAVORITE ways to spend an afternoon. If you’re not familiar with them, they usually involve good food, laughter, lots of inspiration-gathering (and often an impromptu photo shoot or two).. ;)

And after a particularly tough and discouraging week, an inspiration date was exactly what my heart needed, and so, that’s exactly how I spent my Saturday.


I met up with my sweet friend GinaMarie who happens to have one of the most creative, inspiring spirits I know and whose heart is a beautiful reflection of The Creator. She is such a joy to be around.

We talked art, design, branding, and life and heart stuff. It was so, so good. She fixed us an amazing brunch, too: quinoa pancakes with a blueberry lemon lavender compote. (I will definitely be snagging that recipe from her soon!)

Later, we may have sampled some amaretto pie, too… ;)


Despite the temperature, the sun was out, so I couldn’t resist wearing my new mint jeans and pairing them with a pair of bright pink ballet flats (yes, my feet were COLD, COLD, COLD!).


P.S. Isn’t this textured brick wall the perfect photo backdrop?! We thought so. :)

* * *

If your heart is in need of some renewal, I highly recommend scheduling an inspiration date with a sweet friend or loved one. Talk about your dreams, passions, and sweetest hopes over brunch, coffee, and your favorite treats. You’ll be blessed and refreshed.

6 thoughts on “Inspiration Date

  1. GinaMarie says:

    Sometimes when you’re in the trenches, God brings certain people in your life are right there with you. They get your struggles, understand your heart, and fight alongside of you. God places them there to remind us we’re not alone and we are loved. Thank you for being one of those people in my life!

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