Calling All Dreamers – Guest Post by Nadine of A Secondary Heartbeat

So happy to have another Calling All Dreamers post to share with you all today. I appreciate and value the way Nadine writes with such beautiful honesty, and I want to thank her for sharing her heart here today!

I had a dream once.

It was beautiful. Filled with colour and emotion, thoughts
and plans, it was absolutely littered with my heart and soul.

I got busy. I filled up my time with things other than
colour and emotion, and somewhere in between  losing those thing, I forgot about the dream that had so long
been hidden deep within my heart and soul.

I held on to thoughts and plans, at least late at night when
I couldn’t sleep and needed to fill the time, but these thoughts were

They were weighty and heavy laden. They were burdensome and
lacked the vision of before.

I listened to them because there was little else for me to
listen to.

The only thoughts I could hear were my own, and the only
voice I knew well was my own. So I held them. I surrounded myself with them.

Instead of laughing at the days with come with strength and
dignity, I wept at the days I was sitting in; unwilling to look forward except
with fantasies. I was stuck.

Today I sit at a crossroads. The crossroads of busy and
desire. The space in between looking forward with joy or with fear.

I wish I could say that I’ve started to walk towards the dream but if I take the time to
evaluate, I have not.

I’m going to dream again.

The dream of today is simply to dream again. To dig within
my heart and find the space in between all of these thoughts. The space filled
with that thing.

I’ll say it again. I am going to dream again.

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