What Moves Your Heart? What Fires You Up?

 {image via Lara Casey }

If you’ve been reading recently, you know how much Lara Casey has been inspiring my creative process. What a blessing she is to women who have big dreams!

As part of her goal-setting process, I made a list of things that move my heart and inspire me, and as I’m working on my eBook in the weeks to come, I’ll be thinking about this list of things that fill my heart with joy and energy and motivation.

{ Read more about creating your own list over on Lara’s beautiful blog. }

So, here’s my list…


Art, living with lots of color, beautiful words, being inspired and inspiring others, blogging, books, antiquing, typography, fonts, hand lettering, hunting in antique shops for vintage treasures, spending an afternoon in a cozy coffee shop, historic buildings, God’s truth and the way He speaks it so beautifully into my life, living life adventurously, taking RISKS for HIM, trusting in the story He’s writing in my life, art journals and art journaling, encouraging and spurring others on, BIG DREAMS, music, poetry, HOPE, creativity and the creative process, storytelling, magazines, photography, writing honest, vulnerable, true-to-my-heart words, libraries, black-and-white photographs, polka dots, charm, whimsy, art as WORSHIP, collaborating with other creatives, intentionality, historical fiction, really good really dark chocolate, the beauty to be found in the changing seasons…


{image via Parima Creative Studio}

What would make your list?

Let’s make it a point to do more of those things that move our hearts, inspire us, and fire us up. Let’s live the abundantly beautiful lives He is calling us to live — for Him.

10 thoughts on “What Moves Your Heart? What Fires You Up?

  1. Hannah says:

    Thank you for your posts this week! God is totally using your words to confirm His Word and the plans I feel He has for me. I so appreciate that I am not alone in desiring the inspiring and dreaming BIG, believing that He. will. work. wonders. He is so good and faithful, and I thank Him for you! Have a blessed day!

  2. Em says:

    Loving your beautiful post today! Thank you for the sweet inspiration!
    Going to make a list of sweet things that fills my ♥ with joy!

  3. Kayleigh Taber says:

    I love that you did the “I delight in…” list! What a wonderful idea, I may borrow it if that is okay with you! I have missed reading your blog during my wedding break, you are such a talented writer. :)

  4. Katie @ A Place to Dwell says:

    Aw, you’re so welcome, Hannah! Makes my heart so happy to hear that God is using my words. I am always so humbled and blessed by that. Truly. Keep dreaming big, girl! He has beautiful plans for you. :)

  5. Katie @ A Place to Dwell says:

    Hi, Kayleigh! So glad you enjoyed this post. Can’t wait to read your list! And thank you so much for your sweet words about the blog. I’m thankful to have you reading! :) P.S. Congrats on your wedding! How exciting!

  6. erin m. says:

    I have been so inspired by Lara Casey lately too. I’ve worked through her goal-setting posts and wow! They helped me SO MUCH. I made a list of things that fire me up.. but I don’t have it with me at the moment. A few things that come to mind though are youth ministry, connecting intentionally with a friend, coffee, making lists, typography, and SO much more!

  7. beyond blessed says:

    Not only do I love Lara Casey and her inspiring words, but I love the community that you instantly feel like you are a part of when being encouraged by her words! So excited for you and your ebook!

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