Calling All Dreamers – Guest Post by Natalie of NS Pottery

Excited to be sharing the next in the Calling All Dreamers series. I’ve been blessed to become friends with Natalie both online and off, and her heart for the Lord is truly beautiful and inspiring.  Thank you for being here today, Natalie!

I believe God puts dreams in our hearts for a reason. The things He created us for? For the most part, we will enjoy doing them. We will have a passion for them. Dreams are a gift from Him.

At the same time, dreams can also be dangerous. They can sit on the throne of our hearts.

“If I can just do this, if I can just have that, I will be happy and complete,” we might think. 

They can distract us from the One who gave us our dreams in the first place.

It is critical to hold our dreams with open hands. Knowing that the Lord has my best interest at heart and that His plans are far greater than my own helps me to wait upon Him. The things that I think I want so badly right now?

Maybe it’s not the right time. 

Maybe there is something so much better waiting for me that I would miss if I’m too focused on this other thing.

We don’t have the whole picture. He does. And I find so much peace in that.

So while you’re dreaming, remember, He knows best. When He is first, everything else will fall into place.


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3 thoughts on “Calling All Dreamers – Guest Post by Natalie of NS Pottery

  1. jenniferblairphoto says:

    I LOVE this Natalie! He will bring things to pass in His time. It’s so easy to live for the dream instead of for Him. It something I think all dreamers have to be careful of…all the time!

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