Creating an eBook ~ Ideas to Paper (PLUS, the TITLE REVEAL!)

In my first Creating an eBook post, I talked a bit about the initial phase of deciding to write an eBook and figuring out where to go from there. In this post, I want to delve into the process of creating an outline.

In the initial brainstorming phases, I pretty much captured anything and everything on paper. If an idea popped into my head, I wrote about it in a list or journal entry. The idea for my book was, at first, very broad.

I also needed to sit with the idea for quite some time before I was sure I was passionate enough about the topic to write a book about it. (Because trust me, you might think the idea of writing a book sounds glamourous and inspiring and amazing, and while it is exhilarating, it is also challenging, long, and time-consuming. So, it’s a good idea to be sure that you care very deeply about the topic you are going to spend months thinking and praying and writing about.) :)


I eventually started making more concrete outlines to organize my thoughts and ideas. Here’s a snapshot of that process:

  1. First, I wrote out main themes and jotted notes under each one. Just some general ideas I wanted to explore/cover in my book.
  2. Next, I wrote out actual ideas for chapters, and using the main themes I had already identified, I determined in which chapter I would cover each theme.
  3. The third thing I did in my outline-making process was to write the main take-aways I hoped readers would be blessed with by reading my book. I think of these take-aways as the true heart of the book.


By putting the outline process into three main steps, I make it sound very short, but I do want to say that I spent MONTHS doing that (and continue to refine my notes — even though I’m in the writing phase at this point. More on why I am following the outline, but also leaving things a bit open in an upcoming Creating An eBook post.

P.S. I’m excited to *finally* reveal my book’s title (hurray! happy dance!):

An Inspired Life: Living Fully and Creatively in Every Season

So excited to share more about An Inspired Life in upcoming posts!

Happy Weekend!

10 thoughts on “Creating an eBook ~ Ideas to Paper (PLUS, the TITLE REVEAL!)

  1. Ashley Brooks (@BrooksEditorial) says:

    I love reading about others’ writing processes. I think it’s the greatest thing that artists and writers can all create such beautiful works while taking vastly different steps to get there. Congrats on the almost-finish of your e-book!

  2. toliveinspired says:

    How wonderful! I just published my first ebook so I know what a labor of love it can be. Your book sounds AMAZING! Looking forward to seeing this journey unfold for you.

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