Adventuring is good for the soul.


About this time last year, I was exploring the vibrant, inspiring streets of New York City.

With the warmer weather, my heart’s been humming a bit with the urge to have a new creative adventure —

To duck into shops I’ve never explored before. Or settle into the corner of a quirky cafe to get lost in a book or daydream with my favorite journal.

Adventuring is good for the soul, good for the spirit, good for the heart.

Hope your weekend involves a little adventuring of your own — even if it’s just trying a new recipe or restaurant in the city or town you call home.

3 thoughts on “Adventuring is good for the soul.

  1. Hannah says:

    Agreed! I plan to do some adventuring myself this weekend – visiting the coffee shop, farmer’s market, and art festival – LOVE this time of year! Have a blessed weekend! :-)

  2. anlundstromn says:

    sounds lovely, do it! then blog about it and I can live vicariously though you, my ducking into a shop and reflecting in my journal in a cafe days are over for the time being… my adventure includes carrying my little and planning around naps. but it is still an adventure, and still good for the soul!

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