Calling All Dreamers – Claire Bone

Hello again, friends! Hope you’re having a lovely, inspiring, joy-filled week.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Claire Bone (if you aren’t already familiar with her blog). I connected with Claire on Twitter, and she’s truly a gem. She’s clever and creative and encouraging, and I’m so happy to have her here sharing her heart for my Calling All Dreamers series. Thanks for being here today, Claire! :)


Like all little girls, when I was small I had a million different dreams and fully expected that they would all come true. If I wanted to be a ballerina/veterinarian then I could. There was no question in my little girl mind, that whatever dreams I cooked up for myself not only could come true, but would.

When I realized I liked karate more than ballet and was afraid of most animals, my little girl dreams shifted to middle school dreams of being an artist and a journalist. In high school, I began to doubt my ability to make my dreams come true. I wasn’t a great artist; there were so many others better than me. Besides, paint and pen weren’t how I best expressed myself. I was a writer in my heart of hearts.  I knew deep down that I wasn’t courageous enough to go to journalism school; I wanted to be a wife and mother, not a foreign correspondent. At seventeen, I didn’t have a great story to tell, I just knew I liked to write.

I went to college listless and unsure of what I wanted to be when I grew up, the dreams of my youth so far behind me that I had forgotten what they were. If comparison is the death of contentment, doubt is the killer of dreams, and boy did I doubt.

I doubted myself from major to major until I doubted myself right out of college. I doubted myself from relationship to relationship. I doubted my abilities to write, teach, or create. In the midst of all my doubts, God brought me to my knees and revealed Himself to me as only He can, but that’s another story for another day.

Slowly, through faith in Christ, my dreams returned. It wasn’t immediate or even quick, like we might expect. While becoming a wife and mother were deep desires of my heart, good and wonderful gifts from the Lord, they weren’t the secret dreams of my childhood.

Words and stories were being stored in my soul until His perfect timing, that moment when I had the courage to share my words for His Glory and not my own. That’s the tricky thing about dreams, isn’t it? It isn’t easy to recognize that my dreams are to glorify Christ and not me.

So, here I sit, in the early stages of dream making…What do I write? Devotionals? Essays? Could I possibly ever be paid to write? I write stories and memories and, yes, dreams, all the while doing my best to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus.

Because with Jesus, all my dreams, and so much more, are possible.

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3 thoughts on “Calling All Dreamers – Claire Bone

  1. accordingtocarey says:

    Lovely words, Claire. I’m just down the road North of you in Marysville/Yuba City area!

  2. Julia says:

    As always Claire, lovely and encouraging! Thanks for the reminder that keeping my eyes on Jesus, who is the Author and Perfector of my faith, that even at 52, He is still the Author ad Perfector of my dreams, old and new.

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