#MyInspiredLifeAPTD – Week 1 Photo Round-Up


[Photo credits top row left to right: ybosovik; hgottschalk12;  Bottom row left to right: toliveinspired; heynoots]

I am so inspired by the lovely moments you all are capturing for the #MyInspiredLifeAPTD photo challenge. Keep sharing your joys and inspirations and possibilities. I can’t wait to continue to share your photo stories right here. And if you haven’t joined the fun yet, click on over here and find out how! Would love you to be a part of it!

Thanks for being a part of this inspired journey!

P.S. I know I’ve already mentioned it once, but I’ll be releasing the eBook video VERY SOON. Eeeep! Can you believe it?! My friend Nate did an absolutely incredible job, and my heart is just bursting with excitement to share it with you all! Keep your eye out for it in the next week or so!

3 thoughts on “#MyInspiredLifeAPTD – Week 1 Photo Round-Up

  1. Hannah says:

    Katie, thank you for including my bird’s nest photo! You brightened my otherwise cloudy rainy day! Loving this #MyInspiredLifeAPTD photo challenge and am super excited about your eBook! Blessings to you today! : )

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