Delighting In…


I used to keep seasonal Delighting In lists. If you’ve been around here for a while, you might remember them. Well, I’ve decided I’d like to bring them back to the blog! So, before summer fades into fall (my favorite of all four seasons), I thought I’d better share what’s been delighting this heart of mine this summer.

Succulents; script-y, flourish-y, whimsical hand lettering; coral, mint, and gold; vintage blue mason jars; and declarations of hope.

What about you? Let’s share our lists and celebrate the last little bits of summer goodness!

2 thoughts on “Delighting In…

  1. originaltitle says:

    Yoga, eggs on toasted bagels, extremely fine-pointed markers, black and white abstract drawings, all-white furniture and colorful accents, double chocolate chip-chunk cookie bars, crazy illustrations, a nostalgic foray into young adult literature, lemon-ginger-orange-basil-rosemary flavored water, Saturday morning photo-walk journeys, and Bauhaus architecture. These are the things I’m loving right now. Thanks for sharing yours and encouraging this dialogue!

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