When We Risk for Love


This post is dedicated to all of my single friends — to all those who find themselves in a place that’s similar to the one I find myself in — a place that’s tender and delicate, unsure and uncertain, but also wildly hopeful.

Lately, I’ve been reminded of the importance of not shutting down our hearts, of not settling, and of never letting go of the hope we hold. 

I’ve been reminded how risky love is — but how you can’t experience it fully without that risk.

The truth is we’ve all been hurt before, but the real triumph is turning our backs on that hurt and saying we’ll never stop risking, never stop loving, because we know it’s worth it.

I love this post by Stephanie May of The Lipstick Gospel. She writes: “Love is the greatest risk we can take because it’s the one that impacts us the deepest. Love buries its way into a place that no other battle or act of bravery can.”

I’ve found that much of the time risking for love is about keeping open hands and hearts to God’s best for us. It’s also about brave communication — being honest with ourselves, with God, and with the people we’re in relationship with.  And it’s about being confident — even in the uncertainty of waiting — because we know that He is good and He has a good plan for us.

I’ve learned to be confident in the desire He’s given me for marriage — to BELIEVE in the things He’s placed on my heart. And in the waiting, He’s been faithful to show me the kind of connection I hope for and the kind of friendship, love, and marriage I know I’ll risk my heart for.

The waiting is still difficult, but I don’t doubt His hand in my story or the fact that when the time is right, He’ll give me all the strength, clarity, and hope I need to take the right risk for love.


6 thoughts on “When We Risk for Love

  1. Missy says:

    I love this post, thank you for the reminder. I have been in many relationships through out my twenties but for the beginning of my thirties, God has left me in singledom and at first I didn’t understand, but then I realized that it’s not for me to understand that in his time he will find my soon to be husband. Right now I just have to concentrate on myself and strengthening my faith and everything else will fall into place when the time is right.

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