29 Things Recap + 30 *New Things

Wow, it’s been a year.

While I didn’t check off every single thing on my 29 Things list, I did a LOT of what I had hoped to do, and God was so good and faithful to teach and stretch me through it all.

I traveled. I explored. I wrote a book. I sought inspiration and creativity, read good books, and even added TWO pairs of polka-dotted pants to my closet… ;)

I embraced my 29th year with as much hope and heart as I could.

And while there are still so many things I’m learning and figuring out, I know I’m truly starting to settle into myself, becoming the woman I know God created me to be, the woman He refines and prunes a little more each season (and really, a little more each day).

As I wrote  here, I’ve had mixed feelings about turning 30.

There’s some restlessness in my heart that I’m learning to sit with and surrender.

But I BELIEVE in the plan He’s writing for my life, and I want to keep seeking Him and going where He calls me —  with all the confidence and courage I can find.

As I head into a new season, I’m handing over a heart full of hopes, asking Him to weave them into something beautiful and new like only He can.


30 Things for my 30th Year

1. Invest in creating life-giving community.

2. Look for ways to help others find their creative voices and share their stories.

3. Learn how to use the manual settings on my camera — and stop relying on automatic all the time.

4. Learn how to shoot and edit video for the blog. (I’m so inspired by adorable videos like this!)

5. Visit Nashville.

6. Find the perfect fedora.

7. Master the cat-eye make-up look.

8. Memorize more scripture.

9. Attend local art walks.

10. Go to more live music shows.

11. See Once on broadway.

12. Eat brunch at a local French cafe.

13. Further develop my brand: Create a media kit for my blog, and pursue some new partnerships/opportunities/collaborations.

14. Set up some kind of meet-up for local bloggers and creatives to inspire creativity, collaboration, and goal-setting/achieving.

15. Participate in a 5K like this one.

16. Take Kal Barteski’s Script Class.

17. Learn how to vectorize my handwriting in Illustrator.

18. Attend The Influence Conference again.

19.  Join a local gym.

20. Learn more about loose-leaf teas. (Because how yummy does this and this sound?)

21. Try the ombre look.

22. Get involved with Holy Yoga.

23. Organize my office and art supplies.

24. Live out this amazing truth about art spoken by Shauna Niequist: “The myth is scarcity, and the truth is abundance…as an artist, you want the world to be filled with more art.”

25.  Date intentionally — with wisdom, hope, and courage. (I sort of feel lame even including this, but let’s face it, it’s a major thing on my heart in this season of life, and I want the Lord to be guiding this and orchestrating it in my life.)

26. Continually speak His truth over myself and the people in my life.

27. Live fearlessly,  wild and free, and with big belief.

28. Keep dreaming and creating with Him.

29.  Find fresh new ways to celebrate my current season.

30. Break free from anything that’s holding me back from FULLY living the life I know He has for me.

*Some of these aren’t quite brand-new… ;) You’ll recognize a few from my 29 Things list.

::images — left to right, top to bottom — 1. 4. (images 2. and 3. are mine)::

6 thoughts on “29 Things Recap + 30 *New Things

  1. Elle says:

    This is great! I love that you live intentional by making goals like this! It’s so good, because it is so easy to get carried away with the cares of life and forget to work on things that are important to you.

    I think you should definitely try the ombre look. I’ve been rockin’ it since last December and it’s such a fun, versatile, low-maintenance ‘do!!

    I keep hearing about Shauna Niequest really need to look into buying one of her books. Any suggestions for a first-timer?

    I recently learned how to navigate my Nikon 1 without relying on automatic features and it is so fun to be able to control how my pictures turn out! I have always enjoyed looking at photography but was never good at it, and I asked several of my photographer friends their best tips and went shooting at a park with one friend and she taught me lots about my camera, posing, and angling. Pinterest is also a great place to find blogs and articles on learning about your camera’s manual functions!

    I love all the rest of your goals but I would end up writing a novel if I commented on all of them! :)

  2. leelee says:

    Katie, you shouldn’t feel like you have to hide your desire to pursue dating. I think it is very astute of you to travel that path with wisdom. Courage is needed for any new endeavor.

    Also, I love that the very first item on your list is to invest more fully into community. This has been on my heart lately too.

    Elle, I have read all of Shauna Niquiest’s books and I think Bread and Wine would be a great one to start with. (although the others are just as good.)

  3. Hannah says:

    I love your list! I turn 29 on Thursday and you inspired me to make my own list of 29 Things to enjoy and accomplish over the coming year! I love your current series on Big Belief too! Keep up the great work – you’re truly an encouragement to this girl! : )

  4. Jessi says:

    I love love love lists like this. My birthday is coming in early December… maybe I should consider a 35 things list? :)

    Omigosh, we never did the cat-eye makeup thing at the conference. Boo, but really, when would we have packed it in? I really would love to help you with this. Through years of much swing dancing/performing, I got lots of practice! I’m going to brainstorm some ideas…. in the meantime, find some youtube tutorials and practice, practice, practice–it makes perfect!

    Also: that quote from Shauna Niequist is on repeat for me, too!! Oh, it was so profoundly what my heart needed to hear. And Holy Yoga is on my radar, too…

    xoxo J

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