Jesus Time Link-Up with Lily & Light


I was so excited when Kristin suggested we host a Jesus Time link-up. I think it’s so inspiring to see and read how and what the Lord is speaking to each of our hearts.

And by sharing these small glimpses into our own journeys, I believe we can encourage and spur one another on in our seeking.

As Kristin so beautifully wrote:

Some love coffee.  Some love tea.

Some sit outside.  Some cuddle in bed.

Some read with their friends.  Some read alone.

Some do it all!  

 How do YOU spend time with Jesus?

This link-up doesn’t require much writing at all.  Just snap a pic of your Jesus Time and link it here.  Include all the mess; the pens, the notes, the highlighters, the journals.  Show off your bookmarks, your favorite underlined passages, and anything special you use as bookmarks.  

Tell us what you are studying, how long you study, what kinds of supplemental information you use, and anything you find to be a peculiar joy in the way the Lord speaks to you.  

Also, take this moment to pray over your sacred space, and the space of those who are sharing as well.  This is sacred time with our Savior, and girls, it sure is beautiful :)


In my own quiet time, I’m a highlighter, a journaler, an underliner, and a star-er. I’ve also been known to add hearts and dates to different passages that hit my heart in different seasons. It means a lot to me to look back through the months and years and see what the Lord has spoken to me through His Word.

Currently, I’ve going through a YouVersion Deeper Into Scripture study on Hebrews with a friend of mine. I’m looking forward to learning all He has to say through this time with Him. Hebrews is such a great book on hope and faith!

Can’t wait to link up with you all of you sweet ladies and hear/see what you’re learning in this season.

(You can join the link-up below, and be sure to visit Kristin’s beautiful blog, too!)

4 thoughts on “Jesus Time Link-Up with Lily & Light

  1. lilyandlight says:

    you are one of the women who inspire me most!

    and you’ve inspired me to whip out the multi-colored pens and begin brightening up my bible! I always find that i default to black, and it’s so boring. i think the Word is more vibrant than that :)

    i am so blessed by you, always xo

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