My First Five-Minute Friday Post: Truth

Truth. That’s the word for this dark Friday morning. And it seems fitting, because the truth is light and bright. When I think of truth, I think of finding the freedom to live fully as the woman He created me to be. I think about the importance of replacing lies with His truth and allowing truth to do the hard work of restoring and rebuilding our broken parts, our doubting parts, our messy parts. I also think of living out the truth — taking its courage for words I’m scared to say or adventures I’m nervous to take. And I think about it pointing back to Him and all He’s done in my life. And I give thanks for it.


An Editor’s Note: This is my first time participating in Five-Minute Friday. I’m nervous to write quickly and not have the chance to really craft my thoughts and sentences. But, I figure as a writer this is a good exercise. I also may have edited JUST a smidgen. But only a smidgen. ;)

4 thoughts on “My First Five-Minute Friday Post: Truth

  1. sarah sandel (@stsandel) says:

    Yeah…that part about the editing? Maybe I do it. I mean, I don’t change whole ideas or thoughts, but I do fix the typos. Sometimes word choice. Maybe mine is more like 8.5minute friday…
    These are good words…so excited you opted to join in!

  2. Elle says:

    Oh this is so great. I am excited for this series on Truth. I recently wrote about lies as well and mentioned some of my testimony in the post. Truth is so important in freeing us from the enemy’s destructive lies.

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