What if we planned to be surprised?


I’ve been practicing bravery — stepping into areas of uncertainty and inviting God into the answers.

I’m learning how to do that more, how to ask hard questions and invite Him into their answers.

Because I don’t think true growth can happen without that openness and vulnerability to boldly ask and then humbly let Him lead.

We like to plan out our lives. We like to know what map we’ll be following and how long it will take us to get from point a to point b and on and on.

A few weekends ago, I was watching Dan in Real Life. Are you familiar with that movie? Besides the fact that I would love for my love story to begin in a bookstore with coffee and pastries(!), there’s a quote at the end that’s pretty wonderful. Steve Carell’s character says: “I want to talk to you about the subject of plans… life plans and how we all make them, and how we hope that our kids make good, smart, safe plans of their own. But if we’re really honest with ourselves, most of our plans don’t work out as we’d hoped. So instead of asking our young people, ‘What are your plans? What do you plan to do with your life?,’ maybe we should tell them this: Plan to be surprised. 

I want to live out my faith from a place of surprise and delight — surprised and delighted by the ways He’s taken the broken and messy and in-progress parts of my life and myself and made them into something new and beautiful for my good and His glory.

Waiting to be surprised is the tricky part, though, isn’t it? When we’re settled in a season of what’s next, God? Or why not now or why not this? we can’t begin to imagine what He might be doing or how He might be working all things together for our good. We just can’t see it, and we just can’t see Him — or so we tell ourselves.

But what if we were surprised daily?

What if every single day we planned to be surprised?

What if every single day we were amazed at the way He shaped our moments? Surprised by the color of the sky, delighted by the comfort in our cup of coffee, the creative work He gives us to do, and the relationships He blesses us with…

What if we began our days from a place of anticipation, eyes fixed on Him, knowing that what is stretching out before us is a brand new day that we’ve never experienced before, a brand new day filled with fresh new moments He is gifting us.

What if every single day we knew that He was going to use us, that He had plans for us to make a difference, if only we would be still and quiet enough to listen and then brave and bold enough to move and go where and when He calls.

What if today is the day we planned to start being surprised?

2 thoughts on “What if we planned to be surprised?

  1. Missy says:

    I have been taking chances and stepping out of my comfort zone alot and I am loving every minute! I feel so much more fulfilled and like I am living every minute of my life to the full extent. I am notorious for being a planner but it’s nice to just do sometimes without the plan.

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