Inspired Desktop: She’s Got Gumption


Last week, I discovered Hilary Rushford’s inspiring online space, Dean Street Society. She’s definitely a kindred spirit (who rocks a lot of polka dots, believes in bowties, wit, and whimsy, and is passionate about making space for God to move)!

I also fell in love with her blog post sign-off with grace and gumption. What a beautiful way to approach each and every day, yes??

Inspired by Hilary, I decided to look up the official definition of gumption (because I’m a word nerd), and I was delighted to discover it is defined as courage and confidence.

Because I’m seeking to live my days courageously confident in His plan and who He created me to be (and because I just learned how to create gold foil text in Photoshop!!), I couldn’t resist designing a little inspired desktop to share with you all.

As we begin the month of December, our final month of 2013, let’s be courageous and confident in Him. Let’s be full of grace and gumption, and let’s make lots of space for God to move.

:: Get your free desktop download, here. Just right click and save. ::

One thought on “Inspired Desktop: She’s Got Gumption

  1. whitneyconard says:

    *love* this desktop! i’ve never actually read the definition of gumption before, and i think it’s going to be my word-of-the-week now. thanks for sharing your creativity!

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