When the words don’t come easily…


I’ve had writer’s block lately.

I have all of these ideas in my mind and on my heart that I carry around with me each day, but as soon as I sit down to type them out, I’m at a loss. Nothing happens. I stare at the screen and will the words to come, but as soon as I start typing, the direction feels itchy and not right and unnatural…


Maybe there are just too many things I want to share…Advent reflections, 2013 recaps, life with my One Little Word (Further), hopes and dreams, prayers and plans for 2014…

Rather than forcing the words, I’ve been a little quiet the last few weeks.

But I’m showing up today, writing this, because I think as a writer, sometimes, we have to sit down and tell whatever story is happening, even if it isn’t glittery or poetic or particularly that interesting. At least it’s real, and at least it’s true.

And at least we’re writing.

So, I suppose that’s where I am these days. Carrying around ideas and hopes, prayers and plans, fixing my eyes on Him and trying not to rush through these quiet Advent days.

I’d love to hear where you are, what you’re doing, and what you’re learning.

Have a beautiful Tuesday,


3 thoughts on “When the words don’t come easily…

  1. Laura says:

    Sometimes my mind is so scattered with ideas, too. I don’t always know where to begin until I take time to practice the discipline of daily writing. And I also need to give myself space to sit with such thoughts in order to process where to go with them. Hope the joy of writing returns for you soon and words begin to flow!

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