Falling in Love with Your Life


I’ve discovered that one of the secrets to living an inspired life of possibility is falling in love with your life on a regular basis.

I am constantly falling in love with new possibilities — a hobby, a book, a word, a recipe, a song, or even an old vintage sign spotted while out adventuring…

There is so much to discover.

I find that the more I get excited about the small things in life, the more joyful and inspired I feel.

When I live with curiosity and a desire to learn and grow, I feel as though anything is possible, and life is full of color and wonder.

Being mindful also helps keep me rooted in the goodness of right now and all God’s doing moment by moment.

Lately, I can’t get enough of hand lettering and typography. I want to look at lovely letters and learn about them. I want to collect and sketch them, know their shapes and their histories.

But truth be told, earlier this week, and even earlier today, I’ll admit I wasn’t living this way. I  wasn’t seeing the possibilities, I was seeing the to-do list, the worries, the doubts. I was feeling restless and cranky.

But when I shifted my focus to the joys to be discovered in my day, my mood shifted, too. I realized there was joy to be found even in the little things like an inspiring quote on my calendar page, an afternoon latte, and a list I’m making of local restaurants to explore.

My weekend holds new possibilities, too. Possibilities to write. To explore. To find quiet. To pray…

What joys and possibilities peppered your day today, my friends? And what is one thing your weekend holds that you can get excited about?


6 thoughts on “Falling in Love with Your Life

  1. firefliesandapplepies says:

    I feel like we could be sisters! Everything that you just shared is something that I also delight in. I am so glad that God brought me to your blog this month! :)

  2. Hannah says:

    This is so encouraging, Katie! Part of my 2014 vision is to be a woman after God’s heart who falls in love with life everyday, so this post really speaks to me. Your words inspire me to live every moment of this weekend up to the fullest as I spend time with family in Colorado. My goal is to be present and savor every opportunity of seeing God’s beauty, love, and majesty through my loved ones and His creation. : )

  3. Kenzie @ Chasing Happy says:

    I think the “curiosity” factor is huge! When you’re engaged with and curious about life, every little thing holds greater possibility. It’s too easy to think big picture all the time and get wrapped up in the bustle… but curiosity helps you take a step back from all of that!

  4. Kasia says:

    I love this so much and though I’ve never put words to it, try to do it often! I’ve decided that if there was a land where all bloggers lived, you, Nadine, and I would be neighbors. Both of you are in similar seasons of life as me, and I’d totally push for weekly coffee hangouts with you both!

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