9 thoughts on “An Inspired Life Book Club – Week #4

  1. Natali says:

    Thank you, Katie, for being obedient to the Lord and creating this book club. I have been blessed and encouraged by it. I apologize for not being more involved, the past few weeks have been busy.

    Traditions that I have created and enjoy are Saturday mornings at the gym with some great workout buddies. We are all from different backgrounds and different stages in life, but we all challenge and encourage each other. Recently, I have started running the Lake before Church on Sunday morning. Sometimes alone and sometimes with a friend. A new tradition that I have started is Sunday night reading “An Inspired Life” and reflecting on the blessings of the past week, and preparing for the upcoming week.

    I looked at my Instragram account, and the past few months have included photos of friends and family, celebrating life, and enjoying delicious food.

    Thank you, and have a blessed week!

    Twitter: @dancenat
    Instagram: @dancenat

  2. Kia Perry says:

    Morning Katie! I absolutely love this chapter! I’ve been wanting to start some traditions of my own personal, spiritually, and in my relationship, and your ideas got me off to a great start. I love the idea of the visual journal and I think I’m going to actually combine mine with writing! I’m going to start this by adding a few Instagram pictures from the past few months. I’m also trying to start a tradition of waking up early to have tea and devotionals, and now on Monday mornings adding An Inspired Life to that tradition. I’m so excited about this and I can’t wait to get these ideas started!

  3. Hannah says:

    Hi, ladies! Hope all of you are having an awesome start to the week!

    Katie, I absolutely LOVE chocolate croissants! They are delicious! You make me think I should plan to get one … sooner than later! Ha ha!

    Some traditions I have in place: 1) Early morning Saturday workouts (usually when I do my longer, harder cardio) followed by a visit to my favorite coffee shop for a latte (Skinny Vanilla Nut, Extra Hot to be exact). I usually grab my latte to-go, and after I get settled at home, I sip on my coffee all morning and do my devotionals and work on creative things. It’s so relaxing and calming. I absolutely love having this to look forward to at the end of the week. 2) Taking one lunch hour per week and leaving the office to go someplace and read for a bit. This has been a great way to step away from work and get refocused and energized. 3) My husband and I also DVR all of our shows and then at the end of the week, we curl up and watch them back-to-back with no commercials. An easy, simple, restful way to be together. 4) The past few years, I’ve made a list by month of all the good things that happen throughout the month. Then at the end of the year, I have this awesome record of all the cool and amazing things I got to do and accomplished. It’s been a tremendous blessing to me!

    A new tradition I created has been an annual “My Favorite Things” party with a bunch of girlfriends. Last year was the first time I did one and we had so much fun, I’m making it a yearly event. So, I’m in the process of planning that for next month, right at the turn of Spring! Can’t wait!

    When I look back through my Instagram from the past several months, I see threads of fellowship, faith, fitness and food! Doing this reminds me of how good life is – maybe on the rough days, I’ll make a tradition of going back through my Instagram feed! : )

    Have a blessed one, friends!

  4. Natalie (@fashionatalie) says:

    @Hannah, Oh my goodness, I love some of your traditions! Especially the “My Favorite Things” party, and the DVR-extravaganza to spend quality time with your hubby. My BF and I do a similar thing (Netflix and/or Hulu) to catch up on our shows on Saturday nights.

    I’ve actually been needing a bit more tradition/routine in my daily life. I usually am so good about it, but to be honest winter’s always get me in a funk! But the BF and I do have some good little traditions, silly random ones you’d all think were too silly! I’m going to think on this and hope to start implementing some now that it’s spring :)

    As for my photos…lately they are of me and my BF, flowers, food, and books I’m reading. All good happy things!

  5. Katie @ A Place to Dwell says:

    I think this is my favorite discussion so far! So inspired and encouraged by all of your traditions!

    @Hannah I so need to implement some of your lovely ideas! I’ve been having a rough go of getting into a fitness routine, and so gym + coffee on Saturdays might just be a great plan for me! :) I actually really love the DVR idea, too. Free up my weeknights for rest and prayer and writing, rather than TV-watching each evening. Please share more about your “Favorite Things” party, too! How awesome! I’d love more details. :) And your #4! So good!!
    @Natali Love that you reflect on blessings on Sunday nights. I should definitely start doing that, as well.
    @Kia I’m also trying to wake up earlier, so I can have a slower start to my day and spend more time with Him. Trying to avoid social media during that time and really focus on fixing my eyes on Jesus.
    @Natalie Can’t wait to hear some of the new traditions you come up with!

    Some of my current favorites: Pizza Fridays (and I’m starting to make it Homemade Pizza Fridays); spending Saturday mornings at the farmers market (haven’t been doing that this winter, but I’d love to get back into that routine); slow weekend mornings spent reading blogs and collecting inspiration…Definitely wanting to dream up some new traditions as we head into spring. :)

  6. lauren says:

    I love these traditions! This is such a great place to come for encouragement and ideas!

    My favorite tradition is Friday Wine & Cheese with my husband, which is basically just what it sounds like. On Friday evenings, I make a cheese board with crackers and apples, and we have a glass of wine while we watch TV or movies, read, or simply talk about the week. We do our best not to make plans on Friday evenings, and we both look forward to this time together all week.

    My instagram feed doesn’t have much on it (new to instagram!), but it’s mostly pictures of my dog. It may sound silly, but she is one of the biggest blessings in my life. She’s a rescue and was already named Gracie when I got her, and I swear God put her in my life to teach me grace and unconditional love. :)

  7. Kimberly says:

    This was a really fun chapter to think about! I have always loved traditions and often associate them with holidays like Christmas, so the idea of uncovering my weekly traditions was a neat way of looking at how I recharge my creativity and mark my seasons.

    Most of my favorite traditions started last year when I was dealing, once again, with depression and anxiety. I had also been having a lot of health issues which I recently found out were food allergies! So I took to mothering myself a bit with self-care and began some of these traditions:

    keeping a little moleskine notebook of my favorite inspiring quotes, incorporating hand lettering into my Bible study notes, sitting down with a cup of tea and writing in my journal or for my blog, making lists and visual charts to track my favorite things and goals, listening to the rain, setting up more afternoon coffee dates with my best girlfriends, retreating to my room to read a book

    I would love to explore art more. I am a bit of a musician, but often lack the time to perfect my practice. I just don’t allow myself the time. Photography has caught my eye and I rejoiced when I got a smartphone to record more of the world around me. Sadly, I still don’t use it to its fullest. My instagram has mainly been shots of family time, the writing process, my hometown, and books that I’m currently reading.

  8. Hannah says:

    Hey, ladies! Some of you expressed interest in the ‘My Favorite Things’ party, so here’s how it works if you’re thinking about hosting one …

    Invite your girlfriends over. Each one of you provides four of your very favorite thing (no more than $10 each and bring 4 of the very same item). It can be edible, kitchen gadget, makeup, household item, music, book, etc. Also, bring your favorite dish to pass, recipe included!

    When the party starts, put your name on four different slips of paper that will be put into a bowl. As each person goes around the room describing the item they brought, they will draw four names from the bowl and those people will receive that item. Each person will leave with four new items at the end of it.

    It’s a great way to fellowship, enjoy food, and find more favorites!

    So great to learn about all of your traditions this week! : )

  9. Alyssa says:

    Hi Everyone!
    So great to read about everyone’s tradition. This week was hard for me because I don’t feel like I have any traditions. I would love to get in a better routine and establish more traditions. When I was living on campus during my college years I feel like I had these weekly traditions but living at home as taken away some of my alone time/living independent. I would love to have more time in the morning to just get up and spend more time in the word but mornings are not my friend. I’m praying I can be more disciplined because I know when I start my days off right I feel so much better throughout the day. I’m really encouraged by this chapter because it makes me want to get these traditions started.

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