An Inspired Life Book Club – Week #6

Hi, friends!

I can’t believe it’s our last week for the book club! I look forward to talking about celebrating and sharing our stories this week! I’m also excited to invite you to celebrate your story and all God is doing on the An Inspired Life Book site. You can add your story, here.

A few things:

1. I’m rocking polka dots again. Thank you, Stitchfix!

2. I recorded two videos, and I actually liked the first video better than this one I’ve posted, but in the first video, my cat is doing some acrobatics in the background (including leaping through the air — seriously — so it’s a little distracting. Hilarious, but distracting. ;)

3. I’m including the Rend Collective song below. Hope you enjoy listening to it this week!

4. We will have our last Twitter party this Thursday. 9 p.m. EST.

3 thoughts on “An Inspired Life Book Club – Week #6

  1. Hannah @ Living the Good Life says:

    Hello and Happy Monday, ladies!

    First, I just want to thank you, Katie, for your heart and inspiration shared in your book, as well as for putting together this lovely community. I’ve so enjoyed your book and participating in this book club. It has been a great blessing and encouragement to me!

    Second, I just want to say that’s it’s been so nice “meeting” all of you and learning about your seasons, passions, goals, etc. I’ve gleaned so much from what’s been shared and I have no doubt that the Lord is up to something really, really good in all of our lives! Even in these six weeks of this new year, I have felt God’s movement and growing of me and it is really exciting to think of the future possibilities and purposes He has for me.

    Third and last, I really enjoyed this final chapter of the book. I very much resonated with Andrea when she talked about spending time with the Lord in bible study and prayer and how that fostered inspiration and creativity. I am totally experiencing that right now with God and it’s awesome. The past couple months I’ve carved out some serious weekend time to draw near to Him and the things He’s been doing and working in me are just … wow … really cool. I say this in humility because the past year (2013) was very challenging and full of ups and downs, so now I’m feeling like I’ve turned the corner and am beginning to grasp and walk into the abundant life He has for me. I praise Him from a full heart for this! He is faithful, sisters!

    I wish all of you the best moving forward. Thank you for letting me be free to share my heart, my story, and my season with all of you! Blessings and Happy (almost) Spring! : )

    “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” ~Isaiah 43:19, NIV

  2. Lauren says:

    Hannah, I feel the same way! This has been really fun and encouraging. Katie, thank you so much for creating this community and sharing your heart in your book and on your blog. You have a gift for inspiring people and bringing them together!

    Kelsey’s stories about teaching really resonated with me. Even though this year has been challenging, one of my favorite things about teaching hasn’t changed–it requires creativity! It’s fun to have a chance to implement creativity in the lessons I plan and the assignments I give, and I love seeing my students share their creativity, too.

    I also love how Andrea is using various gifts and creative venues in her graduate work and ministry. I’m inspired by her commitment to carving out time for what brings her joy, even though she has a busy schedule.

    I can’t wait for the Twitter party (even though it’s our last) and to read more about everyone’s seasons on the An Inspired Life page. This book club has been such a blessing. Here’s hoping for a sequel! ; )

  3. Alyssa says:

    Loved this book club so much. I wish I would’ve spent more time diving in and responding to more of everyone’s comments. It makes me want to meet all of you so we can share and spend time together. This has been a true blessing to me. I loved the last chapter as much as the others because it showed just how much God’s blessings are resonating in the lives of people around us.You are all an inspiration to me and a reminder of where my focus should be. Thank you Katie so much for this! And I second Lauren on the sequel idea!! :)

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