Weekending: A Spring in My Step

It is an incredible Saturday morning.

I’ve thrown my windows open to let in the fresh air and sunshine for the first time this spring, and my  heart couldn’t feel happier or more refreshed.

This perfect weather has me dreaming of summer, farmers markets, and tall icy cold glasses of lemonade and Izzy sodas.

Ahhhh. :)

I’ve  also got a new Saturday routine that’s putting a bit of extra spring in my step! ;) (Pun intended!) I’ve been waking up to attend an early-morning Saturday ballet barre class, coming home, turning on the tunes, and dancing around the kitchen, while fixing breakfast. This new rhythm starts my day with intention and energy, and even though getting up so early on my day off is taking some getting used to, I’m looking forward to continuing this new routine of mine. Once the farmers markets start up again, I plan on heading to my favorite one after class to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies for the weekend/week ahead. If you’re local, stay tuned, because I’ll be sharing some of my favorite local markets.

P.S. Speaking of farmers markets and morning work-outs, did you catch this post from Kendie Everyday about workout style that can transition to other lovely Saturday activities like farmers markets and brunch?       

Fun, yes?! I love colorful workout wear (no surprise there!).

Well, as soon as I finish my last few sips of coffee, I’m off to tackle some Saturday errands before a little sister time this evening. Yay for the weekend! And yay for sunshine!

What’s your favorite way to kick off your weekend?

2 thoughts on “Weekending: A Spring in My Step

  1. joyfullyorganizedva says:

    Yay for spring & farmers markets! Also, that ballet barre class sounds interesting :)

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