Learning to Let Go


Sometimes, life feels like a lesson in letting go, an adventure in not knowing.

Lately, I’d say that’s especially true for me when it comes to dating and my hope for marriage. As I watch life change and unfold for those around me, it’s hard not to wonder what’s going on in my own story. It’s hard to be patient and hard not to feel stuck.

I love what Megan Gilger had to say about patience over at The Fresh ExchangeI begin to wonder if I am doing something wrong, or if I haven’t tried hard enough, when in truth I try to remember it simply isn’t my time yet. The time will come, and it will come just when it should. When I think about the weight of what I am waiting for, I begin to realize that I still need this time here in this weightless freedom in order to prepare for what will come.

So good, right? (Definitely read the whole post, here.)

As many of you know, I’ve been praying to meet and marry my best friend for years, so I can definitely relate to wondering if I’m doing something wrong, or not trying hard enough when it comes to meeting and dating said best friend.

But the lesson God has been teaching me lately is that sometimes, we really do need to just let go and be open to life as it unfolds.

Because letting go allows us to more fully live right where we are. It sets us free from trying to control what we were never meant to control in the first place. Letting go is a brave yes to following God and the plan He has for our life.

Oh, but sometimes it’s a hard yes to say, isn’t it?

I am a go-getter. I dream, set goals, make a plan, and then start marching toward those goals and dreams. But I’m realizing that doesn’t really work in dating. Sure, I can do all I can to be ready to begin that next chapter, but there’s not much I can do to actually get that chapter started.

I have to let go.

I have to wait for God.


And I’m learning.

Little by little, I am letting go of the expectations I have around this area of my life and the way I think things should go. I’m learning to ask God what He wants for me now, in this season, and I’m learning to trust Him with what will unfold in the next one.

And while some might view letting go as giving up, I’ve found it to be the opposite.

Letting go brings me hope, and it strengthens me in the waiting.

As I keep saying a brave yes to letting go and following God, I’m learning to be thankful for my own unique adventure of not knowing. And I’m grateful, so grateful, that God holds every bit of that adventure in His creative, loving, and faithful hands.



4 thoughts on “Learning to Let Go

  1. Kelsey says:

    Go you Katie :) It’s a hard transition, and I love your reflections on this all. I love that you’re turning to empowerment in this rather than ‘giving up’ which you’re right, it’s not that at all. Happy living in the here and now, friend!!

  2. Kristen says:

    I love this, Katie. I’m single too, and can so empathize with this. Somehow, over the past eight months or so (since January-ish), God has done this in my heart too, and I am learning to love the freedom of my current life-stage in ways I never have before. There’s something very joyful and life-giving about just letting go of the future we don’t know for the moments we have right now. Also, for me one of the mental changes that has made a huge difference has been choosing to believe and trust that whatever happens — whether marriage is in my future or not — I can and will have a wonderful, beautiful, amazing life. It may look different from what I thought, but that’s ok. It’ll still be full of opportunity and joy. Praying that your brave letting go is affirmed in a beautiful way this week. :)

  3. Katie @ A Place to Dwell says:

    Thanks, Kristen! I so agree with you! And I think God definitely wants us to experience that freedom of letting go and focusing on Him and all He’s doing right now, today. Thanks for reading. You’re an encouragement to me! :)

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