Influence Conference Meet & Greet x2


I love lattes, bright colors, and cute, cozy coffee shops.

Hi, all!

This will be my second time attending The Influence Conference, and I’m so excited to participate in this year’s pre-conference link-up.

(P.S. You can read my recap of last year’s conference, here.)

Moving on to my introduction… :)

I’m Katie, a writer, creator, and polka-dot wearer (see above). ;) I’m also the author of An Inspired Life, a book about living fully and creatively in every season. I love to help others live and tell inspired stories!

What I’m most looking forward to: The prayer suite! I’m so, so excited to spend some intentional time in prayer during the conference. I’m also excited to gather during break time on Saturday (time change to 1:45-2:15, since it looks like the schedule was adjusted a bit) to pray about singleness and marriage. As a 30-something single, I know the ache of waiting, and I want to gather a group together to pray over the singles at the conference, future marriages that God is orchestrating behind the scenes, and for God to use us right where we are. Waiting time is not wasted time! (And even if you’re married and have a heart for singles, I invite you to join us!) Would love for this to be an encouraging time of prayer for all who participate!

What I won’t leave home without: A notebook and a few bright, happy pens for note-taking. This former journalist can’t help but take lots and lots of notes. :)

I look forward to meeting you at the conference. Please don’t wait until next week to say hi, though. Give me a shout on Instagram or Twitter (@aplacetodwell).

See you soon!

11 thoughts on “Influence Conference Meet & Greet x2

  1. Kayla says:

    Your blog is so colorful and charming…love it! I’m also a former journalist. What type of reporting/writing/editing did you do? I’ll be a first timer — maybe we’ll get to meet! :)

  2. Katie @ A Place to Dwell says:

    Hi, Kayla! Thank you! :) I used to be a magazine journalist. I’m still very much a magazine journalist in my heart, though. ;) What time of writing/reporting did you do? Hope to meet you at the conference! I’ll go check out your blog. :)

  3. Kayla says:

    Me, too! I was a magazine journalism major and worked for Meredith Corp. :) I moved to freelancing to stay home with my kiddos. I’d love to connect!

  4. Ashley says:

    Hi Katie! I’m popping in from the linkup–this will be my first time at the conference, and I hope we get to meet in person! It looks like we share a mutual love for at least three things: writing, polka dots and coffee. :) [Oh my!]

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