Living and Telling Inspired Stories

God has big plans for us — adventures to embark on, passions to pursue, and things to discover that will make our hearts happy and bring us indescribable joy and excitement. He has plans for us to participate in His Kingdom and make a difference in His name. Ephesians 2:10 is one of my favorite sections of scripture, because it’s a reminder that we are God’s handiwork, created to do good things that He prepared in advance for us to do. In my own journey of faith, I’ve found that the more I understand who He is, the more freedom and courage I find to become the truest version of myself.

When we understand who He is and who we are in Him, we are free to live braver, fuller lives.

In seeking Him, He’s placed so many beautiful desires on my heart. Even more than that, He’s helped me — and continues to help me — become more of the woman He created me to be.

About eight years ago, I was a dream-filled college graduate, moving to a new city to start my first job. I didn’t know Him well at the time, but He patiently and faithfully pursued me. Looking back at that time of growth now, I’m amazed at how much He worked in my heart, shaping my desires, interests, and character. I can look back and see how much growth and change occurred during that time — not just in the area of my faith, but in my interests, talents, and God-given passions, as well.

My discovery of art is a great example.

Words have always been the language of my heart, the creative place most familiar and comfortable to me. I feel God created me to use my words to bring hope, encouragement, and beauty to the world in whatever humble way He will use them.

Over the years, however, He’s also done something in my heart with art. I now find myself deeply moved by color, pattern, and image. I feel even more me when I’m playing with paint, paper, and poetry on a blank canvas or on the pages of my art journal. I’ve found there’s a beautiful freedom in telling my stories through artwork, as well as words.


My discovery of art really began to take shape after college, during a tender season of figuring out who I was and what was important to me. As my appreciation for art grew, I happened upon a class for collage art being offered locally. I quieted my fears and reasons to stay home and signed up. I had no idea what to expect, or how much I would fall in love with the process of creating collages. Even more than that, I had no idea that years later, I’d be selling my artwork at local events and working to set up my very own online shop.

But He knew.

And He used that season to shape, teach, and cultivate those things. He did the same with a local writing group, where I learned to listen for my writing voice and also how to be braver and bolder when putting my words, hopes, and dreams to paper. I discovered I had a unique storytelling voice, and I had my own creative way of expressing that voice through words and poetry. It was a discovery that blessed me in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined. Artjournal

During that season of finding myself and my faith, I also started my blog, A Place to Dwell. Writing about my faith on a blog has helped me get to know myself — and God — better. I recently came across Philemon 1:6, which talks about actively sharing faith, and for the first time, I thought about that verse through the lens of my writing, blogging, and art making. It was a bit of a light bulb moment for me, because when I’m active in sharing my faith through my words and my artwork, I’m able to see His love and presence in my life so much more clearly.

Reflecting on that passage of scripture reminds me that He has given me the passions I have for a reason. He has given me a passion for words, art, and creating, because He knows that in pursuing those things, I discover more about who He is and more about who I am in the process. And because I love doing those things, He knows they will move me to share my faith actively and fearlessly.

I encourage you to take some time to look back at where you’ve been and where the Lord has brought you. Sometimes, we don’t realize how good and faithful He has been, until we look back and see where we were and where He’s taken us.

When I was living out that post-college season, my days often felt full of questions and doubt. I felt vulnerable, unsure, and on the brink of self-discovery, but also wide-eyed and excited about the possibilities He was slowly, but surely, orchestrating in my life.

I’ve written the following Prayerful Prompts to help you begin to think of your own life in seasons and to help you identify some of the passions He may have hidden in your heart.

You were created with a unique set of talents, interests, and loves — some you may not have even discovered yet!

I pray that in discovering your God-given passions and reflecting on His work in past and present seasons of your life, you will draw nearer to Him, grow in your faith, and become inspired to more actively and fearlessly express your faith to the world.

Prayerful Prompts

  • What have you learned in past seasons? Do any seasons come to mind that made a bigger impression on you and your faith than others? Think and pray about those seasons and reflect on what they have meant to your faith and relationship with Him.
  • How you would describe your current season? What does life look like for you right now?
  • What are you learning in your current season? How can you praise Him for what He’s doing right now?
  • Are there certain passions He’s planted in your heart? How have they impacted your life and walk with Him?

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3 thoughts on “Living and Telling Inspired Stories

  1. Gina Alyse (@GinaAlyse) says:

    Wow, this really spoke to me as a soon-to-be college grad and your words really opened me up to the unknown but God-driven course for my life and all the possibilities that are out there. I loved reading about your passions and I’m so excited for more to come! Also, I’m loving the art collages–they are beautiful!

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