Choosing Community + Collaboration


Sometimes, the natural response to everything online can be to compare…to line our story, our gifts, our contributions — even our faith — up against someone else’s and try to figure out how we measure up.

But comparison creates competition, insecurity, and division. It steals joy and squashes creativity.

And it can even cause us to doubt what God is doing in our own lives.

But what if we chose community and collaboration over comparison and competition? What if we looked for ways to celebrate and support, dream and dare — TOGETHER?

And what if we started to create and live from a place of deep connection and security in God, knowing that we were each made uniquely and that there is plenty of room for all of us to write, share, create, and be who we were made to be?

I’ve actually experienced the negative effects of competition in the blog world. It was a hurtful situation full of misunderstandings that temporarily made me insecure about continuing to write and create online.  But it was a chance to learn and grow, and I think it made me even more aware of the need for supportive, uplifting community online.

Since that experience, I’ve looked for ways to create that kind of inspiring community — online and off.

I made it one of my goals this year, and recently, when a friend asked me what my one-year creative dreams and goals were, my number one answer was to have more opportunities to collaborate with talented, passionate people!

I believe so much in the power of coming together and doing BIG things. Dreams are just better when they’re shared and chased together.

I guess that’s also why I pray to marry my best friend, someone who will share my heart for living an inspired, joyful life for the Lord and who will be my teammate and partner in all things.

I am very much a person who loves to learn, grow, and do inspiring things in the company of others.

While I’m still praying about the marrying my best friend thing, I’m happy to say that God has been faithfully building the creative community in my life through The Influence Network and kindred spirits I have been blessed to connect with online and off. As He continues to work in this area, I look forward to new opportunities to encourage, dream, and create with others.

What about you? Have you ever struggled with comparison or competition when it comes to your creative life online? What does an inspiring online community look like for you?


(And P.S. the friend I mentioned above? She just so happened to collaborate with me on the art for this post! That’s her swoon-worthy lettering script up there! Gorgeous, right?)



4 thoughts on “Choosing Community + Collaboration

  1. Heather says:

    I have had this struggle! It’s a daily checkup to remember the greater goal of sharing God’s word and spirit. An inspiring online community looks like folks that encourage others to be their best and write from their own unique perspective. It kinda looks like your blog : )

  2. Abby Howe says:

    I share the comparison struggle, too. It helps to remind myself that I’m a hobby blogger and not a full-time one, that I have a job and ministry and family that I choose to prioritize above the bit of free time I steal away to blog.

  3. Brittani Shank says:

    LOVE what you said here: “Dreams are just better when they’re shared and chased together.” It’s SO true, and it’s fantastic to see what happens when people embrace this! As for me, I think it’s so easy to get in a habit of thinking that someone else’s writing or creativity is so much better than mine because of one thing or another. How sweet it is to lean into who we are in Jesus, and use that to better connect with others and find the things we have in common!


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