29 Things Recap + 30 *New Things

Wow, it’s been a year.

While I didn’t check off every single thing on my 29 Things list, I did a LOT of what I had hoped to do, and God was so good and faithful to teach and stretch me through it all.

I traveled. I explored. I wrote a book. I sought inspiration and creativity, read good books, and even added TWO pairs of polka-dotted pants to my closet… ;)

I embraced my 29th year with as much hope and heart as I could.

And while there are still so many things I’m learning and figuring out, I know I’m truly starting to settle into myself, becoming the woman I know God created me to be, the woman He refines and prunes a little more each season (and really, a little more each day).

As I wrote  here, I’ve had mixed feelings about turning 30.

There’s some restlessness in my heart that I’m learning to sit with and surrender.

But I BELIEVE in the plan He’s writing for my life, and I want to keep seeking Him and going where He calls me —  with all the confidence and courage I can find.

As I head into a new season, I’m handing over a heart full of hopes, asking Him to weave them into something beautiful and new like only He can.


30 Things for my 30th Year

1. Invest in creating life-giving community.

2. Look for ways to help others find their creative voices and share their stories.

3. Learn how to use the manual settings on my camera — and stop relying on automatic all the time.

4. Learn how to shoot and edit video for the blog. (I’m so inspired by adorable videos like this!)

5. Visit Nashville.

6. Find the perfect fedora.

7. Master the cat-eye make-up look.

8. Memorize more scripture.

9. Attend local art walks.

10. Go to more live music shows.

11. See Once on broadway.

12. Eat brunch at a local French cafe.

13. Further develop my brand: Create a media kit for my blog, and pursue some new partnerships/opportunities/collaborations.

14. Set up some kind of meet-up for local bloggers and creatives to inspire creativity, collaboration, and goal-setting/achieving.

15. Participate in a 5K like this one.

16. Take Kal Barteski’s Script Class.

17. Learn how to vectorize my handwriting in Illustrator.

18. Attend The Influence Conference again.

19.  Join a local gym.

20. Learn more about loose-leaf teas. (Because how yummy does this and this sound?)

21. Try the ombre look.

22. Get involved with Holy Yoga.

23. Organize my office and art supplies.

24. Live out this amazing truth about art spoken by Shauna Niequist: “The myth is scarcity, and the truth is abundance…as an artist, you want the world to be filled with more art.”

25.  Date intentionally — with wisdom, hope, and courage. (I sort of feel lame even including this, but let’s face it, it’s a major thing on my heart in this season of life, and I want the Lord to be guiding this and orchestrating it in my life.)

26. Continually speak His truth over myself and the people in my life.

27. Live fearlessly,  wild and free, and with big belief.

28. Keep dreaming and creating with Him.

29.  Find fresh new ways to celebrate my current season.

30. Break free from anything that’s holding me back from FULLY living the life I know He has for me.

*Some of these aren’t quite brand-new… ;) You’ll recognize a few from my 29 Things list.

::images — left to right, top to bottom — 1. 4. (images 2. and 3. are mine)::

A Few Thoughts on a Snowy Saturday + February Goals


Hi, friends, and happy snowy, wintry Saturday! ;)


I’ve spent my morning cozy inside, baking cinnamon rolls and working through my current YouVersion plans. This morning, I was really moved by this verse: For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. I want to be filling my heart with His word and His truth, so the overflow is fruitful. When I was journaling this morning, I realized that means I need to store up His truth and allow that to impact and influence all I do (whether it’s writing and creating or just my daily interactions with the people God’s placed in my life). Really good, encouraging, convicting stuff. I just can’t skimp on my time with Him. This is something I am definitely learning and growing in.

Are you doing the She Reads Truth Soul Detox plan? If so, would love to know what you’re taking away from it.

I’m also gearing up for today’s Blog Brunch about Pinterest. Yay! Do you participate in the Blog Brunch Twitter events? I always find so much encouragement and inspiration and great resources during the brunches.

This morning, I also found out about My Pretty Pennies’ monthly goals link-up, and you know what a dreamer/goal setter/list maker I am, so this is right up my alley. I’m looking forward to setting monthly goals that support the completion of my 29 Things list and that help me live this year with my One Little Word in mind — taking risks and learning and going further.


So, here we go with February’s goals:

1. Keep at my organization projects. Next up: finish going through clothing and donate unwanted items. And: set up a more efficient desk/work space.

2. Create my own weekly or monthly meal plan/shopping list to help with my goal to eat fewer processed foods and more fresh in-season foods. If you have any great recipe resources, do let me know. I’m looking for quick, simple, healthy, and delicious! ;)

3. Take two Influence Network classes (focusing on personal branding and eBook creation).

4. Finish the next chapter of my eBook (and post my first behind-the-scenes update right here on the blog).

5. Get back into art journaling. Create at least one page in my book this month.


What about you? Do you set monthly goals? If you’d like to participate in the link-up, check out Ginna’s post, here.

4 Simple Goals (Before 2013)

I have PLENTY of goals on my heart lately (just look at my 29 Things list for a pretty big sampling of them), but as 2012 winds to a close, I was inspired to create a more simplified list (that relates back to and supports some of my larger goals).

I saw the 4 Simple Goals idea on A Beautiful Mess and decided to participate by breaking down some of my bigger goals into smaller, more manageable steps. This way, I’m making progress toward some of those larger goals and finishing 2012 with a bang. ;)

(A new year always brings the opportunity to do more dreaming and goal-setting anyway, doesn’t it?) ;)

So, here are the goals I’m planning to accomplish by the end of this year:

1. Start taking all of my notes and outlines and write a draft of the first chapter of my book!
2. Submit my artwork for a special opportunity at work.
3. Be an active participant of all the She Reads Truth plans for the rest of 2012 (commenting, doing the link-ups, and actively participating in the community).
4. Meet up with a sweet friend in Columbus to explore, catch up, and be inspired.

I’d like to invite you to join me in setting 4 Simple Goals. If you decide to participate and blog about them, please share your link with me in the comments section. Or, tell me about them on my Facebook page or Twitter.

I’d love to be able to encourage each other to accomplish our goals! :)

{ Image via A Beautiful Mess }

Note to Self: Take Risks

I haven’t posted one of these in a while, and this one is a great choice for this weekend, because I’m doing a lot of thinking about my goals for the coming year and how I want to stretch myself in many ways.

Taking risks in our creative life and in our artwork isn’t easy, but it’s important, I think.

I read this quote earlier today from Bob Goff, and it sums up this idea wonderfully:

Fear gives us the reasons not to try; love gives us the reasons not to listen.

Have you taken any creative risks lately? I’d love to hear about them.

eBook Update

{ art by Promise Tangeman }

So far, my eBook journey has been both inspiring and challenging (but in all the best ways). It truly is such an incredible feeling to be pursuing this dream of mine.

I wanted to pop in with a little update, as I have a few exciting details to share.

1. I’m narrowing down the title, and I’ll have that to share here soon!


2. I’m planning for a spring release-date!  I’m looking forward to spending the cold & snowy winter months being cozy inside and writing + designing my little heart out!

Are you currently pursuing any God-sized dreams? I’d love to hear about them!

29 Things

{ photo credits from left to right, top to bottom: 1. mosaic by Designlovefest 2. Elizabeth Kartchner 3. A Beautiful Mess; photo collage design by me }

I’m about to begin the last year of my twenties (eeek!). And I have a pretty ambitious 29 Things list! ;) But I really want to embrace this year. I feel like I’m at such a good place right now…confident in the direction I’m heading, in the prayers I’m praying, and the growth I’m seeing.

I want to keep being brave and bold in my pursuit of the Lord and in my pursuit of becoming even more of the woman He created me to be.

Now…on to the list! ;)

  1. Write, design, and publish my eBook.
  2. Be an active participant of She Reads Truth.
  3. Begin each day in prayer (on my knees). Pray for increased faith every day.
  4. Continue to pray boldly. Commit to another 40 days of prayer.
  5. Read Kate Morton’s new book, The Secret Keeper.
  6. Visit a dear friend in California.
  7. Eat brunch at a local French cafe.
  8. Take my artwork to the local coffee shop who said they’d be interested in displaying/selling it.
  9. Start doing more hand lettering.
  10. Attend a creative conference like Luminous or Alt Summit. Take a Blogshop class.
  11. Purchase vintage-inspired specs.
  12. Read Blog, Inc.
  13. Further develop my brand: Create a media kit for my blog, and pursue some new partnerships/opportunities/collaborations.
  14. Pitch my writing/artwork to a few publications I’ve been dreaming to work with.
  15. Start using the manual settings on my camera.
  16. Learn how to shoot and edit video for my blog.
  17. Save for and invest in a new laptop.
  18. Be more involved in the local art/design/writing community.
  19. Attend Weapons of Mass Creation again. Go to more sessions. Hear more music.
  20. Participate in a 5K like this one.
  21. Wear polka-dotted pants.
  22. Serve the local community with my church through art/creativity.
  23. Learn how to create in Illustrator.
  24. Eat fewer processed foods and more fresh in-season foods.
  25. Try at least one new recipe every month.
  26. Watch the first season of Mad Men—AND finally host that Mad-Men-inspired soiree?
  27. Explore my city more — visit one new place (restaurant/shop/area) every season—and take plenty of pictures/videos of my adventures for the blog! ;)
  28. Go on a fall picnic (with hot apple cider, of course!).
  29. See more live music shows! (Fingers crossed The Civil Wars will come back to the area!)

Lots of creating to come in this next year (and lots of travel, too!). :)

I’m excited to see all God has in store, and I’m excited to continue learning and growing even stronger in my walk with Him.

I want to live this life as fully and creatively as I can, giving thanks for each and every beautiful blessing.