HeARTed: Fall Loves & Inspirations

Now that it’s officially my favorite season, I thought it was time for another HeARTed feature. So, here’s a little list of some of my current fall loves and inspirations:

These AMAZING boots from Born Shoes (they have velvet laces!). They’re most definitely on my fall wish list. ;-)

* Colored tights

(like this cute mustard pair Elsie’s wearing)

* This gorgeous art illustration from Penelope Dullaghan

* Apple cider (always a favorite!)

* Making a fall playlist & reading list

* This Fern Green Diana Camera from Modcloth

* Bright skirts (like this one from Rachel Denbow)

…or this one from A Beautiful Mess

* Collecting black-and-white vintage photos for upcoming collage paintings

What are you loving this season?

{ k }

HeARTed: Ceramic Poetry by Kylie Johnson

Today, I discovered Kylie Johnson’s work over at Decor8. With her ceramic poetry, it was love at first sight, and I’ve spent the evening exploring her blog. Kylie’s work inspires the poet, storyteller, and dreamer in me. It makes me want to pull out my journal or sketchbook and capture the lyrical strands of words and phrases that play in my mind. It makes me want to cover a canvas in paint and paper, building a story with each color and layer.

Kylie has two books of published poetry, as well, and they look unbelievably lovely. I guess Anthropologie used to sell her books, but sadly, I was unable to find them on the website. (They are, however, selling some of her beautiful ceramic poetry creations.) If you discover any U.S. shops selling her books, please do let me know. :-) I’d love to purchase one of them. They look like they would be the perfect Saturday-morning companion—in addition to a caramel latte, of course. ;-)

I’ve included images of some of her gorgeous work and photography below. I hope you, too, are inspired by her words and artwork.

{all photography from Kylie’s blog, Instinct and Grace}

Hope your evening is lovely,


HeARTed: Brooke Schmidt’s Artwork & Photograpy

Last weekend, I discovered Brooke Schmidt’s art via an interview on the blog Persisting Stars. I was immediately drawn to her mixed media work and photography.

Brooke creates mixed media pieces using old books and found objects (swoon!).

The colors and words she works with are just lovely. The deep inky indigo of the book above reminds me of a summer’s night sky.

Brooke gives new life to discarded books, which is something I enjoy doing with my own collage work. Aren’t the colors and textures of these old books wonderful? So much possibility just waiting on this shelf…

Learn more about Brooke and follow along on her art-making adventures via her blog Always Time for Tea.

Other links: Her FlickrHer Etsy Shop

Hope your day is * i  n  s  p  i  r  e  d *

{ K }

HeARTed: Soul Mantra Lockets

The Soul Mantra Lockets by Liz Lamoreux are so charming and inspiring—just perfect for a HeARTed feature. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, they’d make a lovely present for someone, don’t you think? Or perhaps a little treat for yourself? :) Being a writer, I’m especially drawn to the Write Your Truth locket shown below. I’ve posted some of my other favorites, as well. The phrases Liz chooses are perfect and really speak to me… I am Brave … Live in Wonder …

* EDIT * I had to post just one more image …

This And So I Fly locket has special meaning for me, since I just completed The Sketchbook Project, and my theme was In Flight. Wow. It’s so exciting to find connections with others’ art. :)

{ all images by Liz Lamoreux }

It’s been snowing all day today, and although I’m truly ready for spring, I have to admit that it’s beautiful out there. (Driving in it today, however, was not so beautiful.) haha

~I hope your weekend has been lovely so far.~

{ K }

HeARTed: Dresses & Tights

This winter, one my favorite looks is dresses paired with pretty tights. There are so many different looks you can achieve by adding fun accessories, too—from  belts, to scarves, to hats. Here are some lovely examples I’ve been collecting from various style blogs:

{photo credit}

I love everything about this outfit. The tights are a beautiful shade, the dress is completely charming, and those shoes are adorable!

{photo credit}

{photo credit}

Isn’t this such a soft, romantic look? So cozy looking, too.

{photo credit}

{photo credit}

{photo credit}

Love the boldness of this outfit, and it has such a vintage feel. Completely charming.

{photo credit}

{photo credit}

{photo credit}

Hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday. I have some fun posts coming up, including a new Crafty Q&A with Bridgette from BD Photography. (The journalist in me is really loving putting these Q&As together.) I hope you all are enjoying them, as much as I am! If you have any suggestions for Q&As you’d like to see featured, let me know. :)

{ K }

HeARTed: Selective Potential Blog

I discovered a new blog yesterday that I’m totally swooning over. Have you ever read Selective Potential? Oh my goodness! Her style is incredible! :)

Tieka is a 24-year-old graphic designer and blogger who lives in Michigan. She puts together lovely combinations of colors, patterns, and textures, and after scrolling through some of her past posts, I’m totally hooked and will definitely start following her blog.

{All images from Selective Potential}

Plus, I’m currently on the hunt for some stylish fall/winter boots, and I’ve found tons of inspiration on her site:

In fact, I’m thinking about ordering these brown boots from DSW. Thoughts? Super cute, right?? :)

What are your favorite winter wardrobe items? I’m a big fan of layering and wearing cute scarves. :)

P.S. Know of other inspiring fashion blogs? Leave me a link in the comments section. I’d love to check them out!

Happy Monday!

X’s & O’s,


HeARTed: Vintage Luggage by GetReadySetGO

Hello, everyone! Hope you’re having a beautiful fall Monday. It was a bit cold and dreary here, but it felt like fall, so I can’t complain. I’m happy to be home now and bundled up cozy for the evening, though. I’ve been tuned in to Dancing With The Stars, too. Can’t help watching. It’s such a fun show!

I haven’t posted a HeARTed feature recently, so I’m here to share an Etsy shop I discovered on the blog createloves.blogspot.com. (I suppose this feature could also be a Vintage-inspired Friday feature, but I love this Etsy shop so much that I just couldn’t wait until Friday to share.)  :)

GetReadySetGO offers a charming collection of vintage luggage that can be customized with black waterproof artwork. (And I love the shop’s tagline: Upcycled Vintage Luggage for the Unique and the Geek. Too cute!) Here are a few of my favorites, plus some examples of the artwork that can be added. {All images from the Get Ready Set Go Etsy shop.}

And be sure to visit the blog, here.

Is it too early to put this on my Christmas wish list?? I would love to have one of the messenger bags to use as a briefcase for work. Oh, my, I’m in love. 

HeARTed: Autumn Edition

{Totally in love with this rug by Thomas Paul.}

It would be a beautiful addition to my bedroom. :)

{Music by Little & Ashley}

They’re on my fall playlist. So lovely! What’s on yours?

Caramel lattes (made with soy or rice milk) Yum! Might I also recommend the Pumpkin Spice and Toffee lattes @ Starbucks? Double Yum. :)

{Elsie’s Photojournals e-course}

I’m having so much fun gathering supplies to make a few mini-albums inspired by the ideas in Elsie’s Photojournals e-course. I envision many cozy fall nights ahead (with mugs of hot apple cider to fuel the creative process!). :)

{photo credit: K is for Calligraphy}

I’ve been charmed by calligraphy lately, and as mentioned in my 27 Things List, I’d love to sign up for a class!

What’s inspiring you lately?

Happy Autumn,


New Feature: HeARTed

Hello, all! Back to share another new blog feature: HeARTed. Art of all kinds inspires me, and this new feature will be the perfect place for me to share everything I currently heart. :) HeARTed features will include visual art, writing, music, etc.— anything that’s inspiring me. I also hope to include artist Q&As occasionally, too.

First HeARTed feature: Nan Lawson

I absolutely adore this little autumn girl pen-and-ink drawing. If I could be a drawing, this is the one I would choose! :)

A bookish print—what’s not to love?  :) Speaking of reading, what’s on your fall reading list? I need to compile one, and I’d love to hear what you’re looking forward to reading as the days get shorter and the air gets chillier!

No comment necessary for this one. :)

Nan also does custom work of couples/families/their pets, and they are quite charming, too. Wouldn’t that be a sweet wedding or anniversary gift for someone??

Visit her Etsy site, here, to see more of her artwork. You can stop by her website, here. Enjoy!

See you again here soon,