5 Ideas for Journal Keeping

I love to journal, and I do so in quite a few different ways. Each one plays a different role in my creative process and spiritual growth.

1. Visual journaling   I love art journaling, in addition to keeping a simple handwritten journal. I find that visual journaling challenges me to express my thoughts in a completely different way. It’s a great place for me to explore collage ideas, as well, and it’s the perfect place for me to take risks with my art without worrying too much about the end result.

2. Prayers and prayer lists   In my day-to-day journal, I keep prayer lists (which include notes here and there that I can refer back to when I’m praying throughout the week), as well as complete handwritten prayers, where I write everything that’s on my heart and share it with the Lord.

3. Gratitude lists/things I want to remember   In both my handwritten journals and art journals, I enjoy keeping lists of things I’m thankful for, things I’m currently loving, and memories I don’t want to forget.

4. Inspirational quotes, lyrics, & scripture   I enjoy collecting quotes, lyrics, and scripture selections that inspire and encourage me. I save these in both my handwritten journals and my art journals.

5. Creative brainstorm ideas   I have a journal that I use specifically for blog/art/and creative writing ideas. It’s tiny, so it’s perfect for tucking into my purse. I’ve also used this journal to take notes during inspiring church messages.

In the past, I’ve also kept journal lists of books to read/books I’ve read. I’ve gotten away from doing that, but it was a lot of fun during one season when I was doing a lot of reading and wanting to keep track of everything I was reading and how it impacted me.

I love paging through old journals and giving thanks for all the Lord has done. It’s such a great way for me to keep track of hopes and dreams, favorite memories, my growth, and both the beautiful and bittersweet parts of my journey.

If you don’t keep a journal, I recommend giving it a try. If you’re not a big writer, try keeping a visual journal and pasting in little snippets from your everyday life. If you already keep a journal, think about fresh ways you can record your thoughts and ideas, your hopes and dreams, your memories, and what inspires/encourages you.

Happy Monday & Happy Journal Keeping!




Lately, as the temperature drops, I’ve been enjoying my big, comfy robe, tea and cocoa, reading old journals, and creating new pages in my art journal.

My word for 2012 is forward, but there’s a bittersweet balance between remembering and looking forward.

When I first set up this blog, I wrote a little welcome post and said I wanted it to be a place where I could share the simple bits of life that inspire me on a daily basis, a place where I could share a little bit about what I experience as a 20-something writer, trying to find her place in the world. I said it was my hope that A Place to Dwell would be full of inspiration and possibility.

I’ve come a long way in the (almost) four years since I sat down and wrote that very first post. Setting up this blog was a new beginning for me during a season that was full of learning important lessons and growing in so many hard, but also beautiful, ways.

Life is full of little and big beginnings, and it’s meaningful to look back at where old beginnings brought us, in addition to looking forward with hope for the new beginnings that are yet to come.



One Little Word Inspiration

As part of my One Little Word journey in 2012, I’ve started to collect inspiration that encourages me to look forward with hope this year, so I can really embrace everything God has planned for me. One of the ways I’m doing this is by creating in my art journal.

(Here’s a little peek at one of the pages I’m currently working on.)

I’ve also set up a Pinterest board to save ideas, inspiration, and encouragement.

I think it will be fun to look back on both of these things next year, because they’ll help tell the story of my journey and growth in 2012.

If you’re participating in One Little Word, what are you doing to make your word a part of your life this year?

Weekending: Art Journals & Other Crafty Things

Last night, I signed up for Elsie & Rachel’s Art Journal All Year E-Course. I bought a new art journal a few months ago, and as I wrote in my 28 Things list, I’m looking forward to art journaling on a more regular basis.

I love keeping a daily handwritten journal, but I love visual journaling, as well. It creates such a beautiful record of my life at different stages and seasons and helps me to see who I’ve been, who I am, and who I’m becoming, as different experiences shape me and my life. I’m also excited about having this art journal as a place to focus on My One Little Word.

I also started a new collage painting last night, inspired by this lovely painting I saw on Pinterest. I’m going to hang it in my hallway, as a daily gentle reminder to be still and know.

How are things with all of you? Are you pursuing any exciting dreams or projects this year?


P.S. I think Kate Nash might be my new favorite art making soundtrack. Definitely check out her station on Pandora when you have a chance! ;-)

Hello, November

It’s hard to believe it’s already November. I’m looking forward to what God has planned for this new month, though.

In November, I hope to:

*Make new art.
*Create fearlessly in my art journal.
*Live with a heart that reflects this.
*Keep learning how to trust Him more.
*Spend lots of time with family and friends.
*Join a book club.
*And start getting in the holiday spirit. (It’s time, you know—Starbucks has unleashed the red cups, so it has to be, right?) ;-)

And just for fun (since Halloween was yesterday), here are a few pics of my Halloween costume:

Happy November to you! What are your goals/hopes/dreams for this new month?

{ k }

October Inspiration

As a follow-up to my Fall Loves post, here’s a little peek at what’s been inspiring me this month:

hot cider & coffee (gorgeous images via A Beautiful Mess)

Adorable hats (image via Girl and Closet)

(image via A Beautiful Mess)

Fifties cat-eye glasses (image via Etsy)

(image via A Cup of Lindsey Joe)

This adorable owl costume (image via A Beautiful Mess)

Art journals (image via Awkward and Beautiful)

A few of my favorite October moments:

Drinking hot apple cider; visiting apple orchards with friends; going on a little weekend getaway with family; carving pumpkins; indulging in some new yummy fall candles/soaps for the fall and winter months, making pumpkin-ricotta stuffed shells; exploring some new creative dreams in my idea journal; and gathering supplies to start a new art journal.

I’m thinking about doing a post like this at the end of every month, a little recap of sorts—inspired by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess and Kyla Roma.

I hope the last few days of your October are lovely.

Here’s to fall + October goodness!


My 28 Things List

It’s time to share my 28 Things list. So, without further ado, here are 28 things I’d love to do in the next year. :)

1. Start a new art journal.

2. Memorize more scripture.

3. Invest in a new camera and additional photo software.

4. Continue to pray boldly.

5. Try my hand at songwriting.

6. Wear cat-eye glasses.

7. Make a larger-scale collage.

8. Host a dinner party.

9. Attempt to make my own homemade pasta.

10. Make a new pumpkin dish (perhaps a pumpkin lasagna or stuffed shells).

11. Actively pursue a few of the big creative dreams on my heart. Explore the possibilities. Take risks.

12. Find a favorite local coffee shop (besides Starbucks).

13. Find a Godly mentor.

14. Continue to learn and do all I can to prepare myself to be the kind of Godly wife a Godly man deserves.

15. Live with an open heart and open hands to receive all God has to give.

16. Fall in love with a new-to-me band.

17. Visit a local pumpkin farm. Carve/paint/decorate purchased pumpkins.

18. Find ways to encourage others to use the creative gifts they’ve been blessed with.

19. Tackle a few organizing projects I’ve been putting off.

20. Make it a daily practice to quiet my heart and mind, so I can actively listen to God.

21. Revamp my blog design.

22. Go to an art museum.

23. Take an art or writing class (or both!)

24. Start an actual weekly workout routine.

25. Go to more craft fairs.

26. Go to the beach!

27. Start a new tradition each season.

28. Begin every day by asking myself, What can I do today that brings more beauty, more energy, more hope? (Inspired by Shauna Niequist)

I’m excited to see all God has planned for the next season of my life. Life with Him is always an adventure. :)

What are some of your current goals/dreams?

{ k }

Make Room for Creative Adventures

Another great inspirational image from workisnotajob.

What makes you feel alive? What inspires you? Are you making time for creative adventures in your life?

I haven’t done any painting, collaging, or creative writing in a while. I just might need to dig out the paints, collage goodies, and my brainstorming journal this weekend for a little creative adventure of my own.

Hope you’re having a lovely week!



Last night, one of my poems was featured in a local art show. It was a super inspiring evening, seeing my work paired with the work of other talented writers and artists.

The wall behind the featured writing was decorated by lettering artists, and they pulled lines directly from our work. So cool!

{ Here’s my poem }


She said
she dwells
in possibility,

and hope is
like a bird.

Her words
have become
a part of who I am,

little reminders
I carry with me

And within
their shapes and sounds,
I’ve discovered
what it looks like
to dwell
in my own

and what it feels like
to have hope
within my heart,

its very own song,
it finds the sky
and flies.

Tonight, I’m gathering inspiration for a few new paintings.

I have lots of painting and collaging to do in the next few weeks. My next craft fair is quickly approaching! :)

I’ll be posting little sneak peeks of what I’m working on, so check back. :)

{ k }