Inspired Home ~ Fall-ified

I love to surround myself with happy little details like bright colors, flowers, and signs of the season. And because fall is my favorite, I especially like adding sweet autumnal touches to my home.

This season’s decor includes bright yellow + purple mums and the cutest mini-pumpkins.

Is your home fall-ified? If so, what’s your favorite fall decor?

Weekending: Simple Things

It’s a quiet weekend over here.

I’ve been decorating for fall (will share photos soon!) and doing some eBook prep.

A big batch of white chicken chili has been simmering all day, and I’m ready to cozy up for the evening. I’ve got a big stack of books and movies, too, and I couldn’t be happier.

Happy Saturday to you!

A Fall-Loves List

Just a little list of some things I’m loving and daydreaming about this fall…

I am  completely in love with this adorable record player available at ModCloth. I think it belongs in my home. ;) I’d love to listen to all my favorite fall tunes while art making, or take this little dear on a fall picnic.

This fall, I’m also loving:

Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider
Making homemade soup
Gray skies + quiet afternoons
Compiling a very long fall reading list
Autumn sunshine that invites me to capture fall’s beauty with my camera
And plans for crafty evenings spent cozily writing, designing, and art journaling

What about you? What are you loving and daydreaming about this fall?

Inspired Home: Fall Ready

We’ve been getting ready for fall around here (with fall-inspired grocery lists, candles, walks, and more!).

I’ve also been brainstorming a bunch of fall content ideas for the blog. I’m looking forward to celebrating my favorite season with you all.

What have you been doing to welcome autumn? :)

Dreaming of Fall

Lately, I’ve been dreaming of fall …

I’ve been thinking about things like big mugs of apple cider, late nights creating, thick novels, all things cozy, pumpkin farms + apple orchards, fall-scented candles, and that feeling of inspiration that always seems to find me when the summer fades to fall…

I’ve been picking up little gems (like these shoes) and brainstorming ideas for my 29 Things list

And I’ve been opening up my heart to all the bright possibilities ahead.

Nothing ever happens if you always play it safe // So, make a little space // And get out of your own way (Rachel Platten)

Current Soundtrack: Here Comes Fall

{ photo by LuSarah Seas; typography + doodles by me }

In anticipation of fall (my favorite!) and to inspire me during my eBook writing and designing, I created two new Spotify playlists called Find the Creative Muse and Let’s Write This eBook.

Music is one of my favorite ways to stay inspired, and I find my musical cravings change with the seasons. My two newest playlists make me feel excited for the upcoming fall and everything I hope it will have to offer. And I know that months from now, they’ll take me back to this time and these moments.

Here’s a little sampling of some of the music that’s inspiring me lately:

Madi Diaz (especially her song “A Little Bit”)
Meiko’s new album The Bright Side
Regina Spektor’s song “Us”
Katie Herzig
Rachel Platten
Phillip Phillips’ “Home”

What about you? Do you find yourself listening to certain songs during certain seasons?

Hello, November

It’s hard to believe it’s already November. I’m looking forward to what God has planned for this new month, though.

In November, I hope to:

*Make new art.
*Create fearlessly in my art journal.
*Live with a heart that reflects this.
*Keep learning how to trust Him more.
*Spend lots of time with family and friends.
*Join a book club.
*And start getting in the holiday spirit. (It’s time, you know—Starbucks has unleashed the red cups, so it has to be, right?) ;-)

And just for fun (since Halloween was yesterday), here are a few pics of my Halloween costume:

Happy November to you! What are your goals/hopes/dreams for this new month?

{ k }

October Inspiration

As a follow-up to my Fall Loves post, here’s a little peek at what’s been inspiring me this month:

hot cider & coffee (gorgeous images via A Beautiful Mess)

Adorable hats (image via Girl and Closet)

(image via A Beautiful Mess)

Fifties cat-eye glasses (image via Etsy)

(image via A Cup of Lindsey Joe)

This adorable owl costume (image via A Beautiful Mess)

Art journals (image via Awkward and Beautiful)

A few of my favorite October moments:

Drinking hot apple cider; visiting apple orchards with friends; going on a little weekend getaway with family; carving pumpkins; indulging in some new yummy fall candles/soaps for the fall and winter months, making pumpkin-ricotta stuffed shells; exploring some new creative dreams in my idea journal; and gathering supplies to start a new art journal.

I’m thinking about doing a post like this at the end of every month, a little recap of sorts—inspired by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess and Kyla Roma.

I hope the last few days of your October are lovely.

Here’s to fall + October goodness!


Weekending: Fall Festivities

I spent another beautiful weekend celebrating all things fall with a girls’ night trip to a local apple orchard; pumpkin picking and carving; and lots of delicious fall snacks (apple crisp, apple slices with sweet and salty caramel, banana chocolate chip muffins, pumpkin cookies, apple cider, etc. Yummo, right?) ;) It was a great girls’ night!

I love fall festivities. Do you have any favorite fall traditions? I’m still looking to add a new one to my list.

* * *

Today, the sun is out, and my heart is full.