I’m Back!


Hello, friends!

Yay, yippeeeee, I’m back!

Cue the confetti cannons and all the silliness possible for this little blog intro!

Whew, why is the first post after a blogging break so difficult to write? ;)

Anyway, I’m excited to be making my way back into the blogging world after a few months’ break this summer.

I took the summer off, so I could focus on living the stories fully before telling them. I needed to make space for growth, space to really see all the shapes and colors of this season of my life.

I needed to appreciate where I was before I could get excited about where I’m heading next.

This summer has been SO FULL — packed to the brim with adventuring, sunscreen-smeared books, and summer celebrations of all sorts. It’s been full of abiding, and it’s been full of discovering.

I think it’s just what I needed.

God’s been doing some necessary work on my heart, too, growing me in new, important ways, stretching and redefining my trust in Him. I’m grateful for that.

It smells and feels like fall today, and maybe, because of that, it’s the perfect day for me to be writing this post, acknowledging that although summer is coming to a close, there are new days and new adventures ahead.

In the meantime, I’m excited to soak up every last bit of summer — and to start telling some stories.

P.S. The image in this post is the cover of an Instagram album I’m in the process of making. I wanted to make something tangible that celebrated my inspired life and all God’s been doing and teaching. I’m excited to share more about that sometime soon.

Farewell, Summertime

{photography by LuSarah Seas; typography/design by me}

It’s Labor Day Weekend, which I suppose signals the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

For some reason, this summer seemed to fly by much more quickly than last, but perhaps we say things like that every year?

Looking back, it was a good summer. I felt challenged and stretched in many ways. I took some pretty major steps forward toward a few dreams on my heart (hello, eBook!), and I learned how to better trust my own unique creative voice. I sought inspiration at local events and through little adventures shared with friends. I learned how to pray bigger, bolder prayers and how to trust Him more and worry less.

I delighted in happy summer things like cold Izze sodas, good tunes, blue skies, and bright flowers. I ate plenty of sorbet from my favorite local place (always piled with lots of fresh fruit, sprinkles and chocolate bits, of course!) and read good books (like The Circle Maker and One Thousand Gifts).

I sought to live with an open heart, with open hands, and with gratitude always.

And perhaps most importantly, discovered even more of who I am and who He created me to be.

Live Colorfully.

Just a little reminder to live colorfully. :)

This may be Kate Spade’s branding motto, but it really sums up the way I want to live.

I know things have been a bit quiet around here, but I’m working on some blog design updates, as well as writing and designing my eBook, so my posting has been much less frequent. I’ll try to stop back in again soon to share some recent inspirations, as well as a few thoughts on the She Reads Truth Proverbs plan I’m working through.

Well, I’m off to fill up some journal pages with eBook ideas!

Happy Sunday! Hope you get out there and enjoy some sunshine!

Saturday-Afternoon Adventuring

I spent my Saturday in the Short North Arts District in Columbus. I met up with a sweet friend who’s getting ready to begin an exciting new season, and we had such a blessed day together.

We brunched at Northstar Cafe, sampled gelato and sorbet at Jenis, enjoyed iced coffee drinks (latte for me; chai for my friend), shopped, and snapped lots and lots of photos (as evidenced by this post!).

Sometimes, it’s good to get away for a day. We get so set in our normal routines, you know? I definitely needed a change of scenery, and it was the just the refreshment I needed.

Heading home last night, I thought about how lucky I am to be blessed with such beautiful and inspiring friendships. God’s given me some truly amazing friends who challenge me to be a better version of me. Friends who encourage but who also ask hard questions. Friends who make me laugh and truly do life with me.

I couldn’t be more thankful.

An Ode to Summer

An Ode to Summer from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

Summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen to quiet people. 

I came across this video a few weeks ago, and I just love it.

It’s soft and beautiful, sun-filled and summery.

And it speaks of courage and of gratefulness…

…the very things I’m learning to find in my own heart this summer.

The Beauty of Brainstorming

My weekend looked a little like this…

I’m so thankful for the time I had to write and brainstorm. I’m feeling more and more excited about the e-book I’m working on…

AND… I’m excited to finally share the basic premise: living fully in every season + embracing God’s work in our lives right where we’re at.

I’ve been taking lots of photos, and I filled six pages in my sketchbook with ideas. Writing a book is a huge dream of mine, so to be in the process of pursuing it is exhilarating to say the least. As I get further along in the process, I’ll continue to share updates with you all.

Thanks again for reading and for sharing in this journey with me. It truly means so much.


Happy Weekend!

I’m off to the pool to soak up some sunshine, read, and write and sketch some e-book ideas in my journal. I’ll be back later this weekend with She Reads Truth updates, thoughts on prayer, and other recent happenings in this life and heart of mine. Blessings to you today! :)


Happy Summer Things

A few things making me smile this summer…

1. Izze soda

2. Sorbet topped with sprinkles and chocolately bits (I don’t care what anyone says — chocolate goes with anything!) ;)

3. Moonrise Kingdom

4. Local inspiration/creative events (WMC, for example) P.S. Check out the video above. My friend and I make a brief appearance! ;)

5. Quiet time spent outside

6. Good tunes — like Of Monsters And Men (Take a listen below!) :)

What about you? What are your favorite summer things?

Hello, July (And Happy Fourth!)

So far, in July, there’s been plenty of time spent outside (reading, praying, taking walks, art journaling). There’s been a lot of quiet time—God’s really been working in this little heart of mine, and I know that my faith will look a little different by the time fall arrives. Growth and change is good.

* * *

Today, I can’t wait to relax with family. After being crazy busy the last few months, I’m looking forward to a low-key day.

Have a blessed Fourth, everyone! :)