Together in 10 ~ Favorite Accessories

Sharing a few favorite accessories for today’s Together in 10 Post.

Lately, I’m loving:


*This vintage-inspired Peter Pan collar necklace


*Polka dots (always)

*And bright pops of color (especially this chartreuse-y/yellow shade)

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with the next Staying Creative post, and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

In the meantime, this afternoon marks the end of my holiday vacation, and while I do have a few projects to tackle, I’m also looking forward to a bit of quiet time, as well. The message at church this morning really inspired me to be more intentional about seeking this year. I want to be intentional about establishing a rhythm of prayer + scripture reading, and I want my time with Him to be the first thing I do each and every day. It has to be the foundation.

I’d love for you to join me in establishing a daily rhythm. I will be participating in #SheReadsTruth, as well as the #PurposefulProject, and you can connect with me about both of those plans and on creating a #DailyRhythm  on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I’d love to be able to spur each other on!

P.S. Speaking of spurring each other on, have you joined The Influence Network yet? I am loving being a part of that — it’s seriously blessing my socks off already! We’d love to have you. I’ll be writing a more detailed post about it soon.

Happy Sunday!


Tree Trimmings (+ An Inspired Desktop!)

The halls have been decked, and I’ve been enjoying the sparkly sight of my vintage-inspired tree.


Decorating my tree each year reminds me of doing so as a kid. Growing up, we had stories for so many of the ornaments we put on our tree. I always loved that. I’d sift through the boxes of ornaments containing stories I knew by heart, delighting in each one before placing it on our tree.


And every year, my mom would make sure my sister and I had a new ornament to add to our own personal collections — like this little gingerbread man. (And he just so happens to tell the same funny story each year. It’s a story about a curious little girl who takes a bite out of her gingerbread ornament (she must have thought he smelled just like a cookie!). ;) That curious girl was my little sister, and her gingerbread man still goes on our tree at home — missing leg and all!


That same tradition of collecting ornaments has carried over into adulthood, and I still have the ornament box my mom started for me as a kid. I look forward to starting a similar tradition with my own children some day, selecting ornaments together that tell the story of the season and represent the love, traditions, and heart of our little family.


This box of vintage ornaments tells the story of my current season. I picked it up a few years ago at a local vintage shop I love, and I like imagining the trees these ornaments adorned in a previous life.


Do you have a favorite ornament or any special tree-trimming traditions? I’d love to hear about them.

P.S. In the spirit of decking the halls, I thought I’d design a new Inspired Desktop to share with you all.


This design was inspired by ’50s holiday decor (love those gold & pink palettes!).

You can download the new desktop, here.


Inspired City: Birthday Antiquing

I spent yesterday afternoon with my mom and sister, as a little belated-birthday celebration. We did some antiquing (one of my favorite things!) and walked around a flea market and farmers’ market. I’m always so inspired after little outings like that. I love all of the vibrant colors at the farmers’ market, the vintage treasures waiting to be discovered in dusty corners at antique shops, and all of the unique and quirky odds and ends at the flea market.

We also visited my favorite local antique shop (housed in a 200-year-old schoolhouse). There are a few treasures I left behind that I’m thinking I might have to go back for (including a black globe just like this one and a set of vintage drinking glasses with colored feathers etched on them just like these). Finding the photos on Etsy makes me want to go back for both of these items all the more! haha ;)

I did come home with some lovely finds, including this sweet book from the thirties called Songs for Courage, a handful of vintage photos for collage and art journal projects, and two sparkly brooches. I also left with a large sweet potato and a butternut squash. Planning to make this soup and also this one. :)

I love some of the lines in this book like Faith is the dreams that all hearts know, the evidence of things that are not seen.

It was a beautiful and inspiring day. I love getting out and appreciating what my city has to offer! :) What are some of your favorite local spots in your city?

Well, I’m off to finish laundry and make some fall-flavored soup.

Hope you’re having the perfect autumn Sunday!


Vintage Books + Hot Cocoa

It’s been the kind of day that calls for good books and hot cocoa.

After grabbing lunch at a cute local diner with family, I’ve settled in at home to drink cocoa, do some blog/creative project brainstorming, and perhaps work a bit on organizing my craft supplies.

I hope you’re warm and cozy today.

P.S. How cute is that vintage book bundle? It was a Christmas present from my Aunt this year.

Fashion Favorites: Chilly Weather Edition

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a Fashion Favorites blog. I’ve been collecting lots of favorites on my Pinterest style board, though, so I thought I’d share a few for fun.

{ photos credits: #s 1, 3, 5 Keiko Lynn; #s 2, 4 A Beautiful Mess }

* * *

This season, I’m loving vintage-inspired specs and coats; pink and red; cute hats; lots of layers; and just the right amount of sparkle. ;)


November Inspirations

This sweet fall wreath from Smile & Wave

Cute tights like these from Katie’s Pencil Box

Vintage-inspired coats like these two from Anthropologie

This Let Your Heart Be Light glitter banner tutorial from Katie’s Pencil Box

(I wrote about it here, too.)

* * *

A few of my favorite November moments:

Creating new pieces of artwork; participating in my company’s holiday art sale; Thanksgiving with my family; and putting up my little Christmas tree.

I’ll be back soon with my Hello, December post.


Vintage-inspired Fridays

Just for fun: a few pictures from my latest treasure-hunting adventure. This antique shop is a local favorite (housed in a 200-year-old one-room school house!). Isn’t it such a cute place??

Love the font used for “The Entertainer” logo.

I came home with this sweet little Brownie Starlet camera, a vintage camera for my sister, and a handful of beautiful black-and-white photographs I’ll be using in upcoming collages (stay tuned for a peek of the photos!).

The “Starlet Camera” font is pretty cute, too, no? Vintage fonts are the best.

* H  a  p  p  y    F  r  i  d  a  y !


Weekending // Antiquing Adventure

I spent my Saturday exploring an antique fair. There were so many treasures to be found. I walked away with a vintage check machine; a camera, a 1943 French vocabulary book; a yardstick ruler; and a few letterpress letters.

It was an inspiring day. 

Hope your weekend has been lovely so far…


Vintage-inspired Fridays // Treasure Hunting List

Now that the summer is here, I can’t help but daydream about having some new antiquing adventures. One of my favorite ways to spend a sunny Saturday is exploring a new vintage shop or flea market. :)

Here’s a little wish list I’ve compiled to keep in mind while I treasure hunt this summer:

I’d love to find…

Blog Design Inspiration

{Image via Smile & Wave}


Blog Design Inspiration

{Image via Smile & Wave}

*Teal typewriter

Prettiest Camera I Now Own

{Image via Smile & Wave}

*Imperial camera


{Image via Uppercase}

*Typewriter ribbon tins

{Image via Anthropologie}

*Bright ’50s phone

Do you have anything on your vintage wish list?