It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Even though our temps are in the fifties and sixties this week (yay! for a little unexpected warmth!), it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

And I can’t help but grin when I pass cars journeying home with Christmas trees strapped to their roofs, or when I spot a house all lit up with twinkly lights.

I have mint chocolate chips waiting in my pantry for a special hot cocoa recipe, tinsel on my shopping list, and a growing Spotify playlist.

Hello, December.

And while I have plenty of Advent posts I’d like to write, things on my heart, reflections I’d love to share with you all, tonight’s post is on the lighter — and sparklier — side.  Because while I am spending my days preparing my heart for Christmas day, I’m also delighting in the present moments of the season — being right in the thick of it, as Jessi would say.

Because these days are such a gift, aren’t they?


And speaking of December days, have you seen this festively fun 31 Things to Do Before December 31 list from Kate Spade? I just love these suggestions for making the most of your December moments.


P.S. Just for fun,  I created this little desktop wallpaper to celebrate the season’s sparkle.

Happy December, friends!

::click the image to download: then,  just right click and save::


A Few Thoughts on a Snowy Saturday + February Goals


Hi, friends, and happy snowy, wintry Saturday! ;)


I’ve spent my morning cozy inside, baking cinnamon rolls and working through my current YouVersion plans. This morning, I was really moved by this verse: For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. I want to be filling my heart with His word and His truth, so the overflow is fruitful. When I was journaling this morning, I realized that means I need to store up His truth and allow that to impact and influence all I do (whether it’s writing and creating or just my daily interactions with the people God’s placed in my life). Really good, encouraging, convicting stuff. I just can’t skimp on my time with Him. This is something I am definitely learning and growing in.

Are you doing the She Reads Truth Soul Detox plan? If so, would love to know what you’re taking away from it.

I’m also gearing up for today’s Blog Brunch about Pinterest. Yay! Do you participate in the Blog Brunch Twitter events? I always find so much encouragement and inspiration and great resources during the brunches.

This morning, I also found out about My Pretty Pennies’ monthly goals link-up, and you know what a dreamer/goal setter/list maker I am, so this is right up my alley. I’m looking forward to setting monthly goals that support the completion of my 29 Things list and that help me live this year with my One Little Word in mind — taking risks and learning and going further.


So, here we go with February’s goals:

1. Keep at my organization projects. Next up: finish going through clothing and donate unwanted items. And: set up a more efficient desk/work space.

2. Create my own weekly or monthly meal plan/shopping list to help with my goal to eat fewer processed foods and more fresh in-season foods. If you have any great recipe resources, do let me know. I’m looking for quick, simple, healthy, and delicious! ;)

3. Take two Influence Network classes (focusing on personal branding and eBook creation).

4. Finish the next chapter of my eBook (and post my first behind-the-scenes update right here on the blog).

5. Get back into art journaling. Create at least one page in my book this month.


What about you? Do you set monthly goals? If you’d like to participate in the link-up, check out Ginna’s post, here.

Insta-Moments From My Week

A little sampling of Instagram photos from the last week or so…

1. & 2. Rain + snuggles just go together.

3. Pretty details at a sweet wedding celebration I attended last weekend. So romantic and charming, yes?

4. Filling up lots of notebooks lately.

What about you? What’s life look like lately through your camera’s (or phone’s) lens?

Warming Up for Winter

As we head into November, I hate to admit it, but winter’s coming… ;)

So, I’ve been collecting cute + cozy pins and designing little art pieces to get warmed up and ready.

In terms of style, I’m inspired by bright coats (like this adorable one by Lauren Moffatt) and super-cute, but functional boots (like this pair by Modern Vice that I spotted on Eat, Sleep, Wear). (I’ll soon be on the hunt for stylish steals when it comes to boots & coats. Have you had any luck finding any gems this season?)

And, because I am, of course, a huge fan of all things cozy, as I gear up for the winter months, I’m stocking up on my favorite cider (honeycrisp!), lots of books to read (like Kate Morton’s new one), and my favorite fall and winter-scented candles (amber is always a favorite).

What about you? What are your favorite styles/cozy accessories this season?

{image credits top to bottom, left to right: 1. Modern Vice; 2. Lauren Moffatt; 3. Drink Cider artwork created by me for A Place to Dwell}

All design elements and typography by A Place to Dwell

Weekending: Simple Things

It’s a quiet weekend over here.

I’ve been decorating for fall (will share photos soon!) and doing some eBook prep.

A big batch of white chicken chili has been simmering all day, and I’m ready to cozy up for the evening. I’ve got a big stack of books and movies, too, and I couldn’t be happier.

Happy Saturday to you!

A Fall-Loves List

Just a little list of some things I’m loving and daydreaming about this fall…

I am  completely in love with this adorable record player available at ModCloth. I think it belongs in my home. ;) I’d love to listen to all my favorite fall tunes while art making, or take this little dear on a fall picnic.

This fall, I’m also loving:

Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider
Making homemade soup
Gray skies + quiet afternoons
Compiling a very long fall reading list
Autumn sunshine that invites me to capture fall’s beauty with my camera
And plans for crafty evenings spent cozily writing, designing, and art journaling

What about you? What are you loving and daydreaming about this fall?

Inspired Style ~ Long Weekend

Ah, long weekends. They’re lovely, aren’t they?

Time to relax, see friends, spend time with family…

So good.

I found this little ensemble was perfect for long weekend activities like brunching with a friend and having a relaxed dinner with family. Comfy, but cute. Casual, but with a few fun details. (I am in love with these bright-soled oxfords from Target and the sweet little bird pattern on my blouse (an Old Navy find!).

I’m thankful for the time spent with loved ones and the time I had to recharge.

I spent a few hours at the pool today, reading inspiring magazines and jotting fall blog post ideas in my journal. I have to say I am so excited for the fall months ahead. I have big plans for this blog (and my eBook, of course!), and there are quite a few exciting things my church has in the works, as well. I can’t wait to watch it all unfold, according to His perfect plan.

Hope you have a wonderful evening! :)

(P.S. This is my first “official” Inspired Style post, and I had a ton of fun putting it together. Can’t wait to share more new content soon!)

Current Soundtrack: Here Comes Fall

{ photo by LuSarah Seas; typography + doodles by me }

In anticipation of fall (my favorite!) and to inspire me during my eBook writing and designing, I created two new Spotify playlists called Find the Creative Muse and Let’s Write This eBook.

Music is one of my favorite ways to stay inspired, and I find my musical cravings change with the seasons. My two newest playlists make me feel excited for the upcoming fall and everything I hope it will have to offer. And I know that months from now, they’ll take me back to this time and these moments.

Here’s a little sampling of some of the music that’s inspiring me lately:

Madi Diaz (especially her song “A Little Bit”)
Meiko’s new album The Bright Side
Regina Spektor’s song “Us”
Katie Herzig
Rachel Platten
Phillip Phillips’ “Home”

What about you? Do you find yourself listening to certain songs during certain seasons?

Happy Weekend!

I’m off to the pool to soak up some sunshine, read, and write and sketch some e-book ideas in my journal. I’ll be back later this weekend with She Reads Truth updates, thoughts on prayer, and other recent happenings in this life and heart of mine. Blessings to you today! :)